Army Major running against Hutson for AAG top spot

AAG President Aubrey Hutson

The Athletics Association of Guyana’s (AAG) Annual General Meeting is scheduled for this Sunday and incumbent president, Aubrey Hutson is being challenged by Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Major Shen Fung for the position he has held since 2013.

While Hutson is optimistic of his chances of regaining the top spot, he has also welcomed the opposition, noting that once re-elected, he will be aiming to take athletics in Guyana to another level.

AAG President Aubrey Hutson

Despite the fact that both candidates are balanced in their merits that could potentially see them assuming office, only one can be declared the winner following voting at the National Resource Centre.

If re-elected, Hutson highlighted that he will be working along with the coaches, as he has already been doing, to see how best the athletic performances can be enhanced. To date, Hutson has gotten the full support of the coaches, even in areas such as Berbice.

While Hutson is of the view that the ultimate goal is to medal at the 2020 Olympics, 2017-2018 will be crucial in finding the potential that the AAG will be looking to nurture to the Olympics.

The elections will take place at the National Resource Centre, Woolford Avenue when the AGM commences from 10:30h.

The nominees for other office posts are as follows: Vice President-Colin Ming, Godfrey Washington, Cheryl Hermonstine, Hector Edwards, Colin Boyce, Lyndon Wilson and Mark Scott.  Treasurer -Simone Gaskin, Latoya Archer, Kwabina Griffith, Nial Stanton and Silus Brummell. Assistant Treasurer, Nial Stanton, Carlotta Abrams, Carla Roberts, Elton Bollers, Raymond Daw Committee Members – Five persons from each of the nine clubs.



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