Armed bandits wreck havoc in Diamond, rob businesswoman, taxi driver


Police are now hunting two men who allegedly assaulted and robbed a 20-year-old shop owner in Diamond, East Bank Demerara on Monday morning, while pretending to be customers.

The victim has been identified as Fazeena Bacchus, also known as “Peaches” of Section “B”, Block “X” Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

Speaking to INews on Tuesday, the young woman recalled that the incident took place at around 10:00hrs, while she was home alone.

According to Bacchus, one of bandits called at her shop with an empty five gallon water bottle in his hand. He explained that he wanted to purchase a bottle of water.

“The first one came to buy a five gallon bottle of water…So I asked him if I could look at the bottle [he brought]…When I looked at it, the bottle had a set of dents and so on [so I couldn’t accept it] So I told him he has to throw out the water and he said alright, so I gave him a big funnel [to use],” Bacchus said.

While the man was in the process of throwing the water out, the suspect reportedly called at the shop.

“The other guy now, he come from the other direction and he asked me for a big drink and he gave me $500…I bring the coke and so, and I give him. So I give him back $220 from the $500. So he gave me back $100 and tell me if I could give he a lighter, and give he the change in  cigarette [and I did]…then he give me back a next $100 and tell me he want a hundred dollar mint,” the young woman recounted.

She told INews that it was as she was about to hand over the mints that the other perpetrator –who had finished throwing out the water- grabbed her and pulled her into the grill which separated her from the customers.

The other suspect reportedly unlatched the door and Bacchus was pushed inside of her shop.

After realising what was happening, the young lady said that she began to scream, resulting in one of the bandits reportedly pushing a gun into her mouth, while ordering that she be quiet.

As she complied, the perpetrators, while reportedly assaulting her, pushed her further into the home she shared with her husband, where they began to demand her cash and valuables.

The bandits then removed approximately $340,000 in cash from Bacchus’ bedroom, before pushing her to the ground and running back to the shop, where they reportedly stole over $200,000 in earnings and a mobile phone.

As they fled the scene, and upon noticing that neighbours had come out to investigate Bacchus’ screams, the suspects reportedly pounced on a taxi driver –who resided next door- and robbed him of an undisclosed sum of cash and valuables.

They also reportedly chased another neighbour up the streets, while screaming to each other “shoot him.”

Luckily, the Diamond resident managed to hide in a nearby yard.

The bandits then fled the area.

INews understands that the duo would usually shop at Bacchus’ business, but never came together. (Ramona Luthi)



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