Armed bandits storm home at Good Hope, ECD

One of the rooms ransacked by the bandits
  • Escape with cash, jewellery, other valuable items after tying up husband, wife and ransacking house

Armed bandits yesterday stormed the home of a Good Hope, East Coast Demerara family in broad daylight, leaving them traumatised. Reports are that Sanata Boodhoo, 53, was at home with her 4-year-old grandson at her Lot 11 Phase Three, Good Hope, ECD, house when two armed bandits confronted her.

The woman related that she had just opened the backdoor of her home around 08:30 hrs when the bandits forced their way into the house with the gun pointing at her head.

One of the rooms ransacked by the bandits
One of the rooms ransacked by the bandits

She said they began ransacking the house, collecting cash and the other valuables they got their hands on, and even raided the shop.

The woman said that by this time her husband, Seelall Etwaroo, arrived home and he too was confronted by the gunmen.

Etwaroo related that when he went home he called for his grandson but got no response, which was strange.

“Me normally come and open the door from the outside so when me push open the door now, two guns pointing at me. All two ah them get one gun then them carry me in the room and me see me wife on the bed tie up; then them put me on the bed and tie me up too,” the man  stated.

The gunmen fired shots at this car that attempted to give chase
The gunmen fired shots at this car, driven by a Good Hope resident who attempted to give chase

According to the couple, the bandits took away about $220,000 cash, $40,000 in phone cards, cigarettes and two cell phones valued $130,000 before making good their escape in a blue-and-white Toyota Allion car.

Another villager, Abdol Mohamed, who was passing by in a car when the bandits were making their escape, was alerted by Etwaroo of what had just transpired. Mohamed immediately sprang into action, chasing after the bandits. The chase was, however, cut short after the bandits opened gunfire on his car and made good their escape.

A report was made to the Police who reportedly took an hour to respond.



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