APNU’s Allicock urges quick action in rectifying Linden/Lethem road

Sydney Allicock.


By Kurt Campbell

APNU MP, Sydney Allicock.
APNU MP, Sydney Allicock.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity MP Sydney Allicock says the road linking Lethem to Linden must be upgraded immediately if the government is serious about improving the quality of life in the Rupununi.

He told the National Assembly on Friday April 4, that the road, which has been neglected for many years represent the lifeline of the Region.  According to Allicock funds expended annually for “patching” are a waste of valuable resources.

“What needs to be done is to use the same money with a little more and pave the road incrementally like Brazil did with their road from Boa-Vista to Bon Fim,” he recommended adding that the government can also ensure that companies contracted for maintenance are equipped with skilled engineers and proper building equipment for doing a good laterite road.”

“Every driver, passenger and road user is saying that this trail has no more space for holes, even the holes are getting holes,” Allicock, who hails from North Rupununi related. The APNU MP stated that what was once an hour ride has now become a 0 hour journey because of road’s poor state.

Meanwhile, Allicock has complained about the poor quality of construction and “reconstruction” to roads in St. Ignatius, a village in central Rupununi.

“The methods of road construction and the contractors need serious reviewing to ensure that our roads last, while aiming at value for money,” he pointed out.

Government spends millions of dollars each year to maintain the loamy Linden to Lethem road. The road, traversed regularly by heavy laden vehicles, is worsened during the rainy seasons.

With support from the Brazilian government Guyanese authorities had conducted a feasibility study for paving the road which also links Brazil to Guyana. This serves not only as a means of livelihood for persons living in the area but a catalyst for greater regional cooperation.



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