APNU/AFC takes issue with GECOM not providing certificate of employment to political agents


By Jomo Paul

APNU meets GECOM[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) Coalition has objected to a recent move by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) not to issue Certificates of Employment to polling agents and scrutineers.

Polling agents and scrutineers are appointed by each respective Party to work at polling stations to ensure that there is no deviation from the elections process and assist to ensure the process is transparent.

APNU Co – Chair Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine highlighted the coalition’s concerns with the decision at a recent press conference pointing out that it will make it harder for their agents to cast their ballots on E-Day. He said that this is especially more concerning for those agents who will not be working at the polling stations at which they have to vote come May 11.

Roopnaraine told iNews that the People’s Representation Act mandates GECOM to take any action that is necessary to ensure the smooth conduct of polls and in this case, that means the issuance of Certificates of Employments to scrutineers and polling agents.

However, a senior GECOM official when contacted, pointed out that another part of the Act stipulates exactly what classes of E-Day workers are to be provided with certificates of employment and political agents are not covered.

It was explained that the Commission simply “took a decision to abide by the legal position.”

Meanwhile, the APNU/AFC coalition says that it will be carefully scrutinizing the Revised List of Electors (RLE) since it has noticed some unusual population spikes in several districts.

Those areas have since been identified as Regions One, Two, Six, Seven, and Eight.

“Having submitted its list of candidates for the May 11th General and Regional Elections, the APNU+AFC Coalition is determined to ensure that the democratic process to which it has formally committed itself is free, fair and capable of delivering a result that reflects the will of the Voters,” Roopnaraine read in a statement on Friday.

He explained that the Coalition is examining the List of Electors in order to determine its accuracy. Notwithstanding this due diligence exercise, the Coalition emphasized that it is GECOM that is ultimately responsible for providing a clean List of Electors that is free from irregularities and has the confidence of all Guyanese



  1. amazing burnham dead at gtown hospital begging for bread and condense milk while dedmon hyte dead wid a cup in he hand…

  2. Election fever is heating up
    They are now afraid of the overfilled CUP
    Enter the Jagdeo, the FIGHTER
    Oh! Oh! they get hot, hot feveR
    Their scrutineers and polling agents they demand
    ”Certificates of Employment” across the land
    Gecom take the decision
    We gon abide by the legal position
    That list is dirty! they declared
    Regions one, two, six, seven and eight
    That bunch of loosers so desperate
    Going to any length to fool the electorate
    Stick with the PPP/C
    Reject APNU+ AFC
    Follow your heart,do not depart
    Let progress continue,


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