APNU+AFC request that GECOM stop recounting votes; 94% of results to be released tonight

Presidential Candidate of APNU+AFC, David Granger speaks to reporters.

By Jomo Paul

Presidential Candidate of APNU+AFC, David Granger speaks to reporters.
Presidential Candidate of APNU+AFC, David Granger speaks to reporters.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The APNU+AFC Coalition says the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has committed to releasing 94% of the results of the 2015 General and Regional Elections before the end of the night.

Earlier this afternoon, APNU+AFC led by its Presidential Candidate David Granger held a meeting with GECOM to iron out some issues that involved the release of the results and the request by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic for there to be a recount of ballot at several polling stations in all ten of the polling districts across Guyana.

According to Granger, the absence of the results has created an air of tension and has led to a standstill of business in Guyana’s commercial district.

Campaign Co-Chairs Joseph Harmon and Raphael Trotman have appealed to their supporters and the general public to remain calm and “trust” that their leaders will soon sort out a resolution to the issues.

According to Harmon, “we are asking Guyanese people to remain calm and to trust their leadership…we trust that in a very short space of time they will be a resolution.”

He noted too that “GECOM committed to sharing all of the statement of polls” but later added that this will be approximately 95% of the Statement of Polls that have been received since those were processed.

“Violence will do nothing for us we are the next government of this country and we are asking you to trust us because we are going to do what is right by you,” said Harmon.

Meanwhile, Trotman relegated the call by the PPP/C for a recount as merely frivolous pointing out that no reasons were given for such a recount in the Party’s official request to the elections body.

“It [the recount] should not continue beyond the few that has started because we will have a ridiculous situation… It’s like an instruction… ‘we want a recount’…you can’t instruct GECOM to do it…to just say saw we want account of 1700 boxes without a reason…just tells you how it is,” said Trotman.

It was noted that while GECOM has started the recount of polls, the election commission is presently in a meeting to determine whether it will continue as is.




  1. Why is there a recount before the results are announced? this is total foolishness, and makes even the election commission seem unable to stand up to the ruthlessness of the PPP/C. Are we so power drunk?

  2. Requesting a recount of ballots is legal. The PNC creates confusion at multiples places on purpose and manage to get PPP polling agent to abandoned their post, leaving the PNC to do what they want freely.
    Therefore we need to look at the amount of ballots in the boxes against the amount of voters that was registered to vote.
    A court order should allow for us to listen to all conversations of certain politician to decipher their participation in any rigging of the 2015 Elections.
    Guyanese need to know how many ballots were in the two boxes that were stolen by the PNC on Election day.

  3. We need to upgrade gecom and get rid of the heads they’re results should be out longtime ago. We are so underdeveloped and still our result can’t release the same night Smfh, matter of fact the army general should already take control of the country until that situation organize, cause as far as I’m concerned ramotar is nobody rite now


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