APNU/AFC manifesto to be released in parts

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

By Jomo Paul


Attorney - at - Law and Opposition Parliamentarian, Joseph Harmon. [iNews' Photo]
Attorney – at – Law and Opposition Parliamentarian, Joseph Harmon. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Elections Campaign Co-Chair for APNU/AFC Joseph Harmon has confirmed that the coalition will be looking to release its Action Plan for Guyana in a matter of days.

Harmon speaking to reporters at the Coalition’s campaign head office explained that APNU/AFC will be looking to release it manifesto in part in an effort to gain more attention from the public.

He said, “we will start releasing aspects of it to the public so that the manifesto does not become a book or a document which people put in a library or so and you bring it back up for another five year but it becomes a living document it becomes a covenant of the APNU/AFC coalition with the People of this country in every area of endeavour.”

According to Harmon, the action plan should not be dismissed as just another document pointing out that the coalition is putting forward a feasible plan that they can be held accountable to.

“We are not going to looking at a glossy thing…we are going to be putting a document that the people of this country can hold us to,” Harmon said.

Meanwhile Harmon related that with respect to preparations for the May 11 elections, the coalition met with GECOM on Friday April 17 in an effort to put to bed some issues that the coalition was concerned about.

These included GECOM’s decision not to issue Certificates of Employment to persons associated with political parties that would be working on May 11.

Harmon who also serves as APNU General Secretary confirmed that GECOM will soon be approaching the court to acquire a pellucid definition of the law with respect to who are the persons legally required to be granted Certificates of employment.

The Party had also raised concerns about the destruction of elections paraphernalia and GECOM is expected to issue a statement in that regard soon.



  1. Stop bluffing old man.
    I am not a mushroom.
    Maybe your supporters are:
    They need education and they need to be told what to expect.
    Tell them that once you get in power, they will be kicked to the curb just like yall did to Peter D’Aguiar and his United Force.
    Tell them that Guyanese are not mushrooms to be fed Bullshitch and kept in the dark.
    Tell them of your plans today!

  2. Talk about being unprepared! Here is a classical example of the type of leadership the coalition will exercise if they are given a chance to lead this country. Imagine they are seeking the votes of the populace and are telling us that their manifesto will come out in parts??? Who do they really believe they fooling??? These CRAPNU and AFC charlattans are so blinded by their quest for power that they have already started exposing how weak, inefficient and ineffective a party they are! Don’t leave what you know about for what you don’t know about! There is one clear choice come May 11th. PPP!!!!

  3. po harmon ow the man so sad ..cant blame he for trying since he aint too too bright ya know education wise..


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