APNU+AFC govt to review several projects


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

President David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
President David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The new administration in Government, the APNU+AFC coalition has committed to reexamine a number of projects that were initiated by the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) while it was in office.

During an interview with iNews on Monday, May 18, President David Granger listed several projects that were ongoing by the last administration which he described as “dead,” blaming former President, Donald Ramotar in this regard.

“Our main problem with the airport [CJIA Expansion Projection] was one of priority. Some projects had to be cancelled by the former President himself, example the specialty surgical hospital, we can’t continue that because its dead…we can’t continue the Amaila Falls Hydropower road because Ramotar killed it, we can’t continue the fibre optic cable as it is because its dead, we didn’t do these things you know… so I can’t commit myself to continue something that is not worth continuing,” President Granger said.

He has committed to looking at them but was careful to explain that his administration will prioritize developmental projects that are intended to impact the lives of all Guyanese.

The access road leading to the Amaila Falls.
The access road leading to the Amaila Falls.

“We have priorities of our own, we want to see a reliable bridge over the Demerara River, most of our working people coming to Georgetown from over that bridge every day and if that bridge collapses, Georgetown would grind to a halt. So we want to see good transport infrastructure.”

The President said he is yet to find out how the country stands financially; his focus now is to bring the monies that have been separated back into the consolidated fund so that it could be accounted for.

President Granger says his aim regarding the Marriott Hotel is to find out and reveal to the Guyanese people the source of funding for that project.



  1. Son, do you know why those projects were halted ?

    You tell me it costs 500,000 for Project X. I also know I can get the same project X for $50,000. Would I be so dumb to give you the project and loose 450,000?

  2. Abandon projects that Ramotar killed all by himself! Some review that is…the blame game has started. Revelations are the top priority here…and building/renovating a bridge we already have! Looks like we have some serious plans ahead of us! I’d like to hear about VAT and public servant salaries – those are the hot topics around town!

  3. I am not a Guyanese but have traveled to your beautiful country on several occasion, it was always a pleasure even though some people were experiencing hard times but now I can see there is more than hope on the horizon I see a bright and productive future for not some of the people but for everyone. Guyanesee it is a new beginning make the best of everyday you now have a constructive and effective leader so get on board and rebuild your nation one for all all for one may the good Lord pour his blessing upon your beautiful land once more
    .. ………… Neville Rogers. .

  4. YOU SHUT UP. After 23 years what did the PPP do for the ordinary citizens? Guyana could only get better from this point. It cannot get any worse. You must be one of the few who benefitted from the rampant corruption that characterized the previous administration. You obviously have no respect for your fellow citizens since you are referring to them as ‘guyanese’ and not Guyanese.

  5. Oh shut up! I clearly remember you and your ministers using the one seat majority in parliament to block all those projects! Your main aim now to get all the money back is to squander it amongst yourself and your ministers. Investigate what you want and expose who you want at least progress was prominent in this country. Apparently that is not on your list of things to do. All you ungrateful guyanese should put the bag of shame on your head and wear it proudly. The election was rigged to perfection so that the PPP couldn’t have the one seat majority to screw you over like you did them. Its sickening to even think about what this country will turn out to be in a few morning from now.

  6. Mr.Granger should at least re-open surgical clinics and other medical facilties that are CLOSED so ppl can be treated medically n to help them cyz there are MANY PPL IN GUYANA WHO NEEDS SERIOUS MEDICAL HELP…..LETS SEE IF HIS WORDS WILL STAND!!…..BE BLESSED IN THE WORDS OF GOD!!

  7. Reveal EVERYTHING, Mr. President. Let us see who authorized what. Let us see the colossal cost to this country of these projects.


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