APNU Volda Lawrence breaks rank on budget cut vote


volda(www.inewsguyana.com) – Vice Chairman of the PNC and APNU front – bencher Volda Lawrence this evening (Thursday, December 12) stunned the National Assembly by refusing to bite with her party against allocation to the security sector.

When the vote was taken, all APNU MPs voted ‘no’ while Ms Lawrence abstained.  The AFC supported the allocation.

Earlier when the vote was being taken for resources for the Specialty Hospital Ms Lawrence left the National Assembly in a haste. Her departure saw both APNU and AFC losing the vote to deny the Specialty Hospital being funded with resources from the Indian Government.

Political observers told iNews that this is an interesting development and may speak of crack developing in the Opposition in its campaign to inflict budget cuts.

iNews will be seeking more information from APNU on this development.



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