APNU supports No – Confidence motion against Gov’t

President David Granger. [iNews' Photo]


Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The main Opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has decided to support the No – Confidence motion by the minority political party – the Alliance for Change (AFC).

The APNU took the decision this evening (August 05) following its shadow cabinet meeting.

According to Guyana’s constitution, the President and the Cabinet must resign if government is defeated by a majority vote of the elected members of the National Assembly on a vote of confidence.

Once this is done, the Government has three months to remain in office and prepare for elections.

President Donald Ramotar has already expressed his readiness for elections if the motion is passed.

AFC’s leader, Khemraj Ramjattan has already completed a draft of the motion and has formally informed Ramotar of the Party’s intention to lay it in the National Assembly if Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh does not stop spending money “illegally.”

However, the President had noted that the grounds of the no – confidence motion by the AFC is “baseless and spurious.”




  1. well uncle nags gon find he self holding de hot wend of de stick wen pnc win oh sorry apnu and brother ram gon go complety crosseyed but if de cup win i hope they stop punishing they supporters like they does always do

  2. I do hope the quest for power does not take us backward.ppp and pnc will survive an early election, I doubt afc will emerge. Pnc seem to be clutching on the stràw.

  3. hip hip hoooooray….gone for good now is pnc..its dead..its buried now it must rot…oh oh but wait…if gecom readyfor this? pnc has to know what up with gecom..pnc will threaten violence on election night after polls closed…oh oh ..police = security…what security…kit n kit will be on full display on election night..ppp dead..


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