APNU likely to support No Confidence Motion against Government

Some government Parliamentarians.

By Kurt Campbell

Amna Ally (L) Ronald Bulkan (C) Joseph Harmon (R)
Amna Ally (L) Ronald Bulkan (C) Joseph Harmon (R)

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – is likely to support a no confidence motion against the Donald Ramotar Administration which its opposition counterpart, the Alliance for change (AFC) has threatened to lay in the National Assembly.

According to Opposition Chief Whip Amna Ally the government, since the commencement of the 10 Parliament in January 2012, has been engaged in a number of things that warrant a no confidence motion being brought against it.

“We may support it,” Ally told reporters on Friday, June 27.

She explained that a definitive Party position has not been taken on the issue and it will be discussed at the APNU’s Shadow Cabinet next Tuesday.

“So far we have not discussed the motion.”

The Opposition Chief Whip said she was particularly displeased that the administration continues to spend money without Approval from the House.

“The Executive’s worst display of contempt for Parliamentary democracy was Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh’s submission of a Statement of Excess to the National Assembly last week,” she said, adding that “This indicated that the Executive had already spent more than $4.5B of the $31B that the Opposition had disapproved in the debate on the National Budget in March and April this year. The move is contemptuous.”

To this end, Ally was supported by her MP Colleague Joseph Harmon who said “it is an abuse and an affront. The government must understand that it is the people’s money and they sit in a position of trust and they must behave in that manner.

Harmon added “it is wrong for any administration to treat the public purse as if it is their money.”

The AFC had also expressed concerns with the spending by the Finance Minister and claimed it was illegal.

Meanwhile, Ally said the statement of excesses which is expected to be debated at the next sitting of the House will not get the support of the APNU.

The two MPs agreed that Dr. Singh should be before the Courts and said he is definitely on his way to the Committee of Privileges.

In fact, Dr. Singh had done the same thing last year when the national budget was reduced by the Opposition and was taken before the committee which has only had one meeting since. Harmon said a second motion will be brought before the House in this regard.  “This second time has embolden Dr. Singh and he is not going to get away with it… he has no right.”

The administration had claimed however, that the spending was in keeping with constitutional provisions and Court rulings on the matter of ‘budget cuts’. 




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