APNU calls for establishment of unit to tackle inter – personal violence


A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is calling for the establishment of an inter – personal violence unit to tackle the issue plaguing the country.

At a press conference today, Friday August 16, APNU’s Leader David Granger stated that the Party has lost all confidence in the ability of the agencies of the Ministry of Human Services and the Ministry of Home Affairs, along with the regular units of the Guyana Police Force to deal with the epidemic.

“The existing Neighbourhood Community Policing and Citizens’ Security Programme must be given specific roles to identify human safety situations which have the potential to become violent,” Mr Granger said.

He further added that there is an apparent weakness of policy, lack of will or an absence of resources within the Ministries of Human Services and Home Affairs.

“Inter – personal violence, as a result, has been allowed to reach epidemic proportions in terms of its frequency, brutality and widespread nature.”

Mr. Granger explained that the APNU is prepared to engage with the relevant ministries to deal with the issue and is hoping for an “open conversation”.

However, according to the APNU Leader, the Party will not have any engagement with the Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.

Mr. Granger told reporters that the establishment of the unit can be done without the involvement of Rohee.

“He (Rohee) doesn’t have a clear concept of what human safety is about,” Mr. Granger stated.

In the past, the APNU had expressed that the Party does not have any confidence in the ability of the Home Affairs Minister to perform his duties.

Meanwhile, Executive Member of the APNU, Deborah Backer made it clear that the violence issue is not only about women, but men as well.



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