APNU accuses Rohee of “unhealthy relationship” with the GRO

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee and President David Granger.


Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee and Leader of the Opposition, David Granger.
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee and Leader of the Opposition, David Granger.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) says it has taken note of the Peoples Progressive Party’s continuous abuse of state resources for the purpose of campaigning.

A statement from the main Opposition Party made reference to Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, who has responsibility for the General Registrar’s Office (GRO) and accused him of suing the resources of the GRO to advance the PPP/C’s election campaign.

“This unhealthy relationship between the Minister of Home Affairs, who is also the General Secretary of the PPP and the party’s ‘Campaign Director’, is ominous,” the APNU statement noted.

According to the Party, “this is yet another example of the endemic corruption and abuse of state resources that has become pervasive over the last two decades of PPP/C rule.”

Meanwhile, the APNU is calling on all Guyanese who meet the criteria to be registered, to do so during the current 7th cycle of continuous registration, which commenced on December 01 and is slated to end on February 21, 2015.

“Contrary to the propaganda being peddled by the Peoples Progressive Party (in several Amerindian Communities), APNU has not objected to, and will not object to the registration of anyone, who satisfies the legal requirements as set forth in the Registration Act.”




  1. The PNC/APNU supporters will never vote AFC/PPP.
    They will rather die or starve, but will always support a person of African descent.
    Now we have the shaky opportunists Lucifers sometimes called people of Indian descent.
    Why are they not campaigning in black areas?
    These fools have fathers who have done this before for the PNC when Kabaka Burnham was ruling. They will collect their pieces of silver and left their children to suffer.
    My question is, if AFC is broke, where is the money coming from?
    The USA had a hand in the overthrow of the PPP Government before.
    We need to check who is spending what!

  2. Elections are expected anytime. We must keep our guard up, and be vigilant. Don’t trust the PNC, PNC must never, ever be trusted. They can kick down our doors/business when we lest expect. We must not forget what that terrorist group did to us at Wismar. On may 23 and 26, when they storm the inland mining Town of Wismar,Upper Demerara River. That was the first phase of mass Ethnic killing(murder) at Wismar. They were raping the women, chopping and shooting the men to death, and bombing properties that was owned by Indians, excepting those properties/families that were very close to our Afro. families. Granger’s, Colleague Immanuel Fairbane,called Batson, was arrested with a quantity of terrorists arsenals in ElizabethGuest House at Charlotte and Wellington Streets,Georgetown. My point is, the PNC has blood on it’s hands. No one has the right to take the life of another. God justify a man! God will judge you the PNC. God’s pen never runs out of ink. Everything is recorded.

  3. Not true, the PNC is not walking around. Governance and national development has been crippled except infrastructural development (limited). The PNC very very active… We nah guh no where and Khemraj and Moses are ensuring continuity in this direction is only time before the infrastructure is destroyed. The Linden and Agricola episodes are symptomatic of what is to come….

  4. “Election Campaign”? At least Granger got one, a little correct. The election campaign has begun a while now by the AFC, and now the PPP. What about the PNC? What are the PNC doing? The PNC are in their wilderness walking around in circle, trying to catch their own tail. The AFC got the PNC right where they want them. In the Interim, What is the PPP doing? The PPP is busy building, and developing Guyana. The PPP understand that Economic growth is good for all Guyana, despite of your Creed, Class,or Culture. Election is coming soon, Is Gecom ready? For a very long time now the PPP has been calling upon Gecom to correct their every flaws, to make themselves ready. The corrupt Oppositions always wants to crucify the PPP for speaking against Gecom.

  5. I am seriously puzzled how can the GRO information be used for Rohee and his Party’s own ends ? Is it now unprofessional for a member of the PPP/C to request or demand or call upon Public Servants to do what is expected of them ??? The Leader of the APNU, being Sandhurst trained moreso should be more tactical and calculating in his pronouncements. This again exposes the approach of destroying the fabric of the society if you can’t have direct access to power at the executive level…. Just destroy directly or indirectly… …

  6. If AFC do what they are suppose to do in Berbice it will be a very good election for the Opposition. AFC stay in Berbice Hurt the ppp/c in berbice. Berbicians are fed up with the PPP/C government. Focus AFC Focus!!

  7. the PPP was asking its supporters to ensure that persons reaching the age to be registered.but in the Amerindian communities it seems the amerindian people never die because in the remote area you cannot find death certificate or dont know about death certificate ,and dead persons names still appair on voters list


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