ANSA McAL opens US$2M facility in Berbice


The ANSA McAL Group of Companies has on Thursday commissioned a brand-new multipurpose facility at Palmyra in East Berbice. It would be used as that company’s main office complex for the ancient county. With this new facility, the company has said, it would be making more services available in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

As the company approaches its 30th year of operating in Guyana, its presence in Berbice is also approaching that milestone. Over the years, ANSA McAL has been renting facilities to operate its businesses. In fact, the company had acquired real estate 14 years ago, but continued to operate out of rented facilities in New Amsterdam.

Managing Director Troy Cadogan, speaking at the opening ceremony of the US$2 million Palmyra facility, explained that Berbice has played a big role in the company’s existence in Guyana. “The time is actually right for us to invest in doing our own home in Berbice. This new expanded location not only caters for all of the ANSA McAL businesses in Guyana, but what it does is give our staff a more comfortable environment. ANSA McAL believes in its people and (in) treating them right,” Cadogan has said.

This new facility would provide employment for 56 persons. It features a huge warehouse, and will be the main outlet for Guyana Beverage Inc., Suzuki Showroom, and ANSA Building Solutions – a subsidiary of Penta Colour Shop. This new outlet is among the host of developmental activities taking place, among which are a call centre and business centre for persons living with disabilities. A mall, hospital and stadium are also planned for that section of Berbice.

“With the Government’s push in developing Palmyra, and when you would have passed the Berbice Bridge, one would see the level of construction that is being carried out. So we are strategically placed, and we have adequate parking both at the front and at the side of this location. So, your shopping experience will be better,” Cadogan pointed out.

Meanwhile, Vice President of the Private Sector Commission (PCS), Ryan Alexander, who is also President of the Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association, has pointed to the company’s confidence in the Berbice economy and also the new Guyana economy. “You know what is going on in Guyana, as the Government of Guyana and the Private Sector have been working extremely hard to market the opportunities that are available across the sectors in Guyana. We have seen tremendous response, and I am very happy for businesses like ANSA McAL, which have used their experience in the market…to expand before any of those new investors come into the market.”

Alexander pointed out that it is quite timely for ANSA Building Solutions – ABS – to be available in Berbice. He noted that the opportunity afforded persons to be able to choose from over one thousand colours would be fantastic for the construction industry.