Another suicide rocks Essequibo as 24 – Y – O ingests poison



suicide[] – Yet another Essequibo resident has ended their life by committing suicide.

According to reports, an unmarried 24 – year – old man of Devonshire Castle, drank a quantity of poisonous substance, believed to be Gramoxone, some two weeks ago and succumbed yesterday (Tuesday, October 07), at the Suddie Hospital.

The man, who battled for his life for some 14 days, is known as ‘Niton’ and according to residents, he became addicted to alcohol and drank daily.

Relatives could not provide any explanation for the man’s actions.

The incident has left residents of the already troubled village of Devonshire Castle in shock and sadness.

Only recently, another young man in his early twenties of Jibb Housing Scheme committed suicide by drinking a quantity of Gramoxone. Two weeks ago, a young mother of two attempted suicide by ingesting poison after experiencing domestic problems with her husband.

She was however saved when she was rushed to the Suddie hospital.


  1. These people are buying a one way ticket to hell!
    It is automatic.
    You did not make a life, do not take it.
    Be careful people, it is not safe to die without God beside you.


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