Another pregnant woman severely beaten by husband


A 21-year-old pregnant woman is now nursing injuries about her body becoming the latest victim of domestic abuse in Guyana.

Seema Bisnauth of Rampoor Corriverton, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice –Corentyne) said that she was severely beaten on Saturday evening while at home.

According to her sister Latoya, she visited her sister at her home on Sunday but after calling out for her several times but no response, she realized that something was amiss.

She said that she was eventually allowed into the house by her brother-in-law and found her sister lying on the bed.

“When I see her laying down in the bed. Her eyes were closed and she couldn’t see and he was right there. She told me that it is two girls from the market beat her up,” the 22-year-old Latoya told this publication. She said that she volunteered to take her sister to the hospital and while on the way to the medical institution, her sister finally confided in her that it was her husband that beat her.

She said that her poultry farmer husband went home on Saturday afternoon annoyed and started hitting her causing her to lose consciousness. She related that when she regained consciousness, she was lying on the bed and could not see.

After telling her story, Bisnauth was taken to the Sringlands Police Station where a report was made.

She was then taken to the Skeldon Hospital and subsequently transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Police later arrested the poultry farmer. The couple has been married for three months. They have a three-year-old child and Bisnauth is eight months pregnant.

According Latoya, this is the third time her sister has been beaten by her husband.

She said the couple’s three-year-old child had to be removed from the home and now lives with a grandparent.

This is the second woman in Berbice that has come forward to tell her story of domestic violence.