Anna Regina Secondary school remains closed due to flooding

Minister Baksh inspects the flooded bottom flat of the Secondary School .
Minister Baksh inspects the flooded bottom flat of the Secondary School .

[]The Anna Regina Multilateral School (ARMS) on the Essequibo Coast is temporarily closed because of flooding. Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture Alli Baksh while on a visit to the Essequibo Coast on Monday, December 2 visited the school and inspected the flooded compound and the bottom flat of the three storey secondary school.

Headmaster of the school, Laljeet Rooplall said classes were suspended because the entire compound along with the bottom flat of the building was under some six inches of flood water.

According to the Headmaster, the water is draining off slowly and a lot of cleaning up will have to be done before classes resume.

Mr. Rooplall told the Minister that officials from the Department of Education also inspected the school and informed officials in Georgetown before a decision was made to suspend classes and close the secondary school.

According to the Headmaster, the dormitory was also closed and children were sent home because the entire bottom flat was flooded.

Minister Baksh explained that the mobile pump at Anna Regina is assisting greatly to drain excess water off the land in the commercial centre of the town.

He promised that a drainage pump will be installed near the Lima sluice to assist with drainage. The secondary school is expected to be back in operation on Wednesday. Some 1,055 students were expected to start writing end of term examination on Monday. [Rajendra Prabhulall]



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