Aniltape Scandal: Kaieteur News suspends Senior Reporter



By Fareeza Haniff

Senior Reporter of the Kaieteur News, Leonard Gildarie.
Senior Reporter of the Kaieteur News, Leonard Gildarie.

[] – The management of Kaieteur News has suspended one of its senior journalists, Leonard Gildarie, allegedly over the recorded telephone conversation between himself and that believed to be the country’s Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandall, who is accused of threatening the lives of the publisher and staff of the newspaper.

When contacted by iNews last evening (Monday, October 27), Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall confirmed that Gildarie was suspended, but refused to reveal the reason for his suspension.

“It is a private matter,” Lall told iNews. Several attempts made by iNews to contact Gildarie proved futile last evening. However, multiple sources close to both Gildarie and Lall confirmed that the senior journalist is accused of snitching to the Attorney General confidential information from investigations that the newspaper would have obtained against the government.

In the recorded telephone conversation, a voice purported to be that of Nandall repeatedly asked the journalist to reveal the identity of his female colleague who was part of the Kaieteur News team that interviewed a relative of Nandall as it relates to the importation of a vehicle under Guyana’s re – migrant scheme.

In response, Gildarie said, “me gun tell you, ah can’t tell you on the phone man oh sk%%t you wan f%$k me up.”

The voice, alleged to be that of Nandall, then said, “whaaam glen nah a tap me phone man he nah got dem technology.”

Gildarie in his response noted, “no no man, nah do dah, dem got people.”

Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall. [iNews' Photo]
Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall. [iNews’ Photo]
In the recording, the voice alleged to be that of the Attorney General, also offered Gildarie a job with a more handsome salary than the Kaieteur News; telling him to send a proposal.

In response, Gildarie said he will need to discuss it with his wife. Lall has since filed an official complaint to the Guyana Police and provided a copy of the full recording between his reporter and the Attorney General, since he believes that his life and that of his staff are under threat.



  1. This story is too sweet. I going to need some water. All these few men/women in Guyana with so much power. Now they fighting to take each other own Shit just got real. Soon they going to take GPL power too, the rest ah we going to stay in the dark.

  2. Inews or no news cant get to KN reporter now::Mooklall done got he by he balls::He looked for it::He is a Mooklall spy and not reporter::He must face the music now::Jail him big time::Send the message to all Mooklall spies that they cant bring down the government so Mooklall can install his president.

  3. Lol I heard the recording and all I could think of is what a snitch this reporter was. SNITCHES GET STICHES AND ENDS UP IN A DITCH.


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