Anil Tape Scandal: President denies having discussions with Bhena Lall



By Fareeza Haniff

Mr and Mrs Lall outside of the Georgetown Magistrate's Court.
Mr and Mrs Lall outside of the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

[] – Head of State, Donald Ramotar has finally cleared himself after being implicated in the infamous telephone conversation between his Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall and senior Journalist of the Kaieteur News, Leonard Gildarie.

The President told reporters at a press conference on Friday, November 14 that he never had any discussions with Bhena Lall, who is the wife of Publisher of the newspaper, Glenn Lall.

President Ramotar’s response is in total contrast to what his Attorney General said in the taped conversation which was made public by the newspaper some three weeks ago.

The President made it clear that he never discussed the tax charges with Mrs Lall, as was implied by Nandlall, who has since admitted to the taped conversation.

“I can tell you now that I never had any discussion with her relating to any tax issues. That was what was implied, that was what was said, and that’s the interpretation that came out of that…but we did not speak,” President Ramotar said.

He admitted that he knows Mrs Lall and would speak with her but not on any tax related matter.

Glenn Lall and his wife were recently charged for evading taxes. They are accused of knowingly dealing with goods with intent to defraud the State and evaded taxes that was payable to customs. They were placed on self bail.

President Donald Ramotar and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall converse during the recent opening of the National Toshaos Conference.
President Donald Ramotar and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall converse during the recent opening of the National Toshaos Conference.

However, in the 19 minute profanity laced recording, Nandlall said: “I already, I sent a message already and I…Bhena has been in contact with the President, they are very close, right but Glenn is not keeping up his end of the bargain, the things them that Bhena spoke, they work out an arrangement.”

Meanwhile, despite this, the President is still standing in strong support of his Attorney General, given the fact that hours after the recording went viral; the government issued a statement in Nandlall’s defence.

Government is of the view that the recording was taken out of context and was manipulated. Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon has since announced that the recording will be sent overseas for authentication, while a police investigation is still underway.


  1. You just described yourself! If YOU pay attention to my blogs you would easily conclude the truth about me I HOLD NO ALLEGIANCE TO ANY POLITICAL PARTY!!
    I always prefix some of my comments with “I have NO horse in this race” I put myself in a position to look at the good and bad in ALL of them!
    The PNC had their time of regression and you must give them their due – Shortly before Burnham died he did act as if he were undergoing an ideological change and there was talk of a shared governance with the PPP,
    It didn’t happen but Hoyte oversaw a complete turnaround of the PNC which primarily was the economic recovery program. A catalyst that the PPP inherited and to date they have promptly disfigured it for their own reasons! The secret deals and continued fear mongering of Indo-Guyanese, the murder of Satydeo Sawh (who incidentally I held in my arms when he was a baby- His older siblings were my schoolmates) and other things too numerous to mention have caught up with the PPP.
    The choice now is the Guyanese Electorate’s – Either same old or something NEW, but most of all The Constitution needs to be rectified and Guyanese need to understand that if a chosen group fails to deliver on their promises then say goodbye and on to another!!!

  2. dub..what wrong he did? you state here..wouldu not agree it is illegal to tape someone with out permission and play it for the public? i dont have a change of heart.. from day one if you are a follower of me or a pnc troll and blog molester u will have seen me called for the ag to resign..he ent do nothing wrong..i said for a man of his stature to sit on the phone and talk shit sounds like a typical drunk revealing his mind..had u taken of your pnc blinders u will have read that..u see u are not allowed to say anything against your pnc..they dont belong to me..i am not a die hard supporter like you..when pnc wrong you have to be strong..sorry now me..

  3. The AG should resign…….
    Well this takes the cake now…
    Ramotar admitted that he knows Mrs Lall and would speak with her but not on any tax related matter.
    wow………this is amazing….Whats the business with Ramotar and Mooklall wife?
    Lets see…How many poor wives out there that the Donald never heard of needless to say keep in touch with them..
    OH oH I now get it…..The MookLall and he wife rich..
    I am willing to bet the Donald must have taken campaign money for election for the mookster while the mookster dished out a bigger chnk to tumjhaat them..
    these are very sick politicians and this is why the mookster keeping tab pon dem…

    how many others wives does the donald keep in touch with…
    i talking about the wives that are down right poor and are no body in the donald and mooklaal wife world….they are so right to say money talks while bulshit walks..


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