Anil Tape Scandal: Citizens echo Gov’t “illegality” concerns

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall


Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall.
Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall.

[] – Thousands of citizens have echoed government’s illegality concerns with regards to the telephone conversation between the Attorney General, Anil Nandlall and a Senior Journalist of the Kaieteur News.

As a matter of fact, the majority of respondents to an iNews poll have said that the illegality of the recording is a bigger issue for them rather than the nature and content of the profanity laced and threatening conversation.

Participants were asked: “Do you think that the nature and content of AG Nandlall’s conversation with a Kaieteur News reporter supersedes the issue of legality/illegality of the recording?” to which 52% voted ‘no’ and 47% voted yes.

A total of 5674 persons voted on the poll which ran for one week. Some 2701   persons voted yes, 2973 voted no and a mere 13 persons were undecided.

Immediately after the conversation went public, the government defended its AG saying he was illegally recorded and that the recording with distorted and manipulated.

No government official has directly commented on the contents of what was said, which has widely been regarded as unethical and a threat to press freedom.

Nandlall after admitting that it was him on the recording has since issued a statement; saying it was a betrayal of a private conversation that was not made for public ears.

He apologized for some of the comments made and claimed that he has no knowledge of any planned attack on the Kaieteur News or any of its journalists.

The Attorney General could be heard warning the Journalist, whom he said is an old friend, to leave the organization in the face of looming violent attacks.

Several of Nandlall’s political and legal colleagues along with individual citizens and civil organizations have called for his resignation.



  1. lall and sit on the phone and shoot crap with him let his tape you then play it for public see how fast you twist your runny mouth LOL

  2. If he wanna threat or kill glen lall we dont care… That is their problem.
    If he wanna pimp a woman to a friend to have sex with that is the woman, the man and the Ag’s problem too…
    When he takes tax payers money to pay for private bills…. Now that is GUYANESE PPL problem

  3. What is a fone, when any person take the job the AG has and is Minister, he has to be an example to the world, the world is watching us all, I am so sorry for the type of ppl elected in Guyana, Not all of the PPP are the same some of them escape the tar brush,some are very nice ppl,but just go lime at the bars they drink at and you will see the poor quality of them, just taking a glance at some of the comments made by some very empty head ppl you wonder why in 1972 we all flush our toilets on the 4th floor of any home, i do not think my friend who think the PPP is the only thing for Guyana had this same life, most of them still only know LATRIN and we were able to play cowboys and indians from queenstown to bourda, why build a big house in 2014 and add a tank and pump, its time to have a garden city and a town free of drug lords and wholesale lawless ppl untouched by the friends in high office covering them, rid the drugs and many will see how much real business doing, lets see how many of the so call business men and women will pack up and run not to India but yo US and Canada, we need to see Guyana like many of us know it free from crime,

  4. profanity on the fone…not one member of PNC and AFC never cussed a single day in their lives much less to cuss on the fone..everyone of them on the opposite to government are ladies and men of the cloth and never even walk pon ants..
    Lall must go to jail..or he reporter will take de rap for ting lall will do is video of his enemies…he damaged his news paper business so bad now that even his closest source dont want to talk bout PPP now..mooklall think he is dis smart..


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