Anil Nandlall opens up about recorded conversation with KN Journalist

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

By Jomo Paul

Former Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall.
Former Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall.

[] – Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall has opened up about an explicit, profanity laced recorded conversation which has stained his political career.

In October 2014, a recorded telephone conversation between Nandlall and journalist, Leonard Gildarie, detailing a possible ‘hit’ on the Kaieteur News newspaper, was released to the public and went viral.

The recording prompted a criminal investigation by the Guyana Police Force and also saw calls and protests for Nandlall to be fired as Attorney General.

Speaking publicly about the issue for the first time, Nandlall during his appearance on the radio programme ‘Hard Talk’ aired on 90.1 Love FM on Sunday, July 05 said that the entire situation was a mountain made out of a molehill.

“The persons who have spun that out of control are persons who would not vote for the PPP – they are not my supporters….You heard the thing, you think I threatened anyone? I never threatened anyone,” said Nandlall.

He advanced his position, contending that he did not fathom that his remarks would have been made public since he presumed he was speaking to a former classmate and not a journalist.

Kaieteur News Journalist, Leonard Gildarie
Kaieteur News Journalist, Leonard Gildarie

“I was having a conversation with this gentleman whom I have known for several years; yes he is working at the newspapers but I wasn’t calling him in that capacity,” he stated.

Nandlall dubbed the remarks as an “unfortunate” event noting that while he has apologized profusely for the situation, he is not of the opinion that he should have abandoned his post as Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister.

“We all make unfortunate remarks, we all have conversations that we all hope will never see the light of day…We have our private conversations, I never thought this thing would be taped. I never thought it would be released as a news item and going to be all over the world,” he stated.

Hours after the recording went viral, the then PPP/C government came out in full defence of Nandlall and attacked the newspaper for “illegally recording” him.

Nandlall filed a $30M lawsuit against the Kaieteur News for libel contained in an article published on October 28 titled “Attorney General Reveals plan to hit Glenn Lall, Kaieteur News”.

Following the revelation of the recording, the journalist in question had expressed fear for his safety and that of his family.

Nandlall had admitted to the recorded conversation. In the almost 20 minutes recording, Nandlall said among other things: “I told Adam [Adam Harris, Editor, Kaieteur News] everybody don’t have a newspaper to use as a weapon, I told Adam people got weapons. If they continue to attack people like this and they [people] have no way of responding, they will just walk with their weapon into that same F**king Saffon Street office and wah come shall do.”

He further said, “Innocent people got to pay for f**king Paul… I tell you honestly, man to man, that will happen so the quicker you get out of there, the better for you.”

“There is a simpler way of dealing with this situation you know, I tell Glenn already. He knows I have capacity and I know his. I don’t have to go Court every day and issue press statements, I don’t have to resort to those methods…there are far more effective measures to which I can resort.”



  1. Simple… the beginning of the New PPP; humble, trustworthy, transparent, humane… If they can only hold these pillars together, all hell (good hell) break loose in political arena in Guyana; if only they can!!!

  2. The informality of conducting and proceeding with government’s business, the laissez faire manner of glibly handling all sorts of reported issues has effectively stigmatised the previous government with the corruption allegations. One just wonder if they had only done things differently…..

  3. Please do not blame those Media Houses who are non-PPP supporters for your dutty ways…you were caught red handed threatening people and as a foul mouth pimp soliciting for your nasty aged relative….and you call yourself a Chatree….so far removed from that caste it’s not even worth highlighting it to you….but you already know that, don’t you…

  4. As usual, the clown was under the influence of some thing, drugs or maybe alcohol About not voting for the ppp, is that the reason why persons should’nt be calling for his resignation? The man psyche is lacerated. He’s vomiting now, only because the ppp is out of power. But why should reporters give this egotist their time?

  5. This shameless two bit hustler should have been in jail. In any other country he would be. He is a lawless disgrace imagine the country’s chief law enforcement officer threatening citizens with harm, setting up someone’s girl child for his relative to have sex with her and calls these exposures “Private Conversations” one can only hide the true nature of his or her character for awhile, like oil in water it must come to the top. And to add insult to injury his government supported him_ birds of a feather. Criminals for the most part support each other. This guy is dirt, scum, a shameless piece of dog shit that should bury his head in a back yard outhouse.


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