Amanda’s Bridal employee assaulted, robbed by armed bandits


A 25-year-old man employed with Amanda’s Bridal in Vreed-en-Hoop, West Bank Demerara was on Tuesday last assaulted and robbed of a quantity of cash and valuables just after arriving home in Bess Village, West Bank Demerara from work.

Speaking to INews on Thursday, Aditya Ali explained that he left his place of work at around 18:50hrs on the evening in question and travelled home in his Toyota Allion motorcar.

He noted that as he arrived in front of his yard, he stepped out of the vehicle to open the gate and as he was in the process of locking up, he noticed three masked men approaching.

“One of the men was ahead of the two so I assumed he was the leader. He pulled out a gun and pointed it at me and said ‘Where is the money?! Where is the money?!’” Ali recalled.

This online publication was told that before the young man could respond, another accomplice whipped out a gun and pointed it at him, while proceeding to search his [Ali’s] pockets.

They managed to relieve the victim of 1 Samsung S5 and 1 Blu mobile phone –which holds a combined value of $120,000- along with $35,000 in cash, Ali’s National Insurance Scheme (NIS) card, his Identification (ID) card and his bank cards.

“After he took my wallet with everything, the head of the group who had out his gun still told him (other gunman) to shoot me but the other one without a gun said no,” the Bess resident explained while stating that instead of shooting him, the bandit hit him about the head with the gun, causing him to collapse in an unconscious state.

The three perpetrators then fled the scene.

Neighbours reportedly called out to Ali’s relatives who were in the house and unaware of what had transpired in the attack that lasted less than five minutes.

The police were summoned and a report was made at the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station before Ali was taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital to be treated for his injuries. He reportedly received 3 stitches and was subsequently discharged.

Residents in the area recalled seeing the three men flee to a waiting grey Allion with a fourth individual inside- the driver.

Ali disclosed to INews his belief that the robbery and attack was premeditated, since he explained that it is often the assumption of many that he transports money on daily basis for the company that he is employed with.

“Since I’m the only employee with a car, people does think I does move the money from the store and then close up every night,” he said.

Investigations are on-going. (Ramona Luthi)



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