Alleged rapist shot in foot – during confrontation with police ranks

The Guyana Police Force reported that, at about 19:55hrs last night (Tuesday), ranks of a mobile police patrol at East Canefield, Canje, Berbice, approached Malcolm Henry, 32 years, of Rosignol, West Bank Berbice, who is “known to the police”.
During efforts to conduct a search of his person, the Police said Malcolm Henry “resisted and assaulted two unarmed Rural Constables and then pulled out a knife in the continuing assault whereupon he was shot to his left foot by an armed policeman”.
Malcolm Henry was initially treated at the New Amsterdam Hospital and referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he has been admitted under guard.
The two Rural Constables were treated at the New Amsterdam Hospital. The Police Office of Professional Responsibility is conducting investigations into the incident.
The Police also stated that Malcolm Henry is presently before the courts on two charges of robbery under arms and is also under investigation for two incidents of alleged rape.


  1. Alleged rapist shot in foot – during confrontation with police ranks.
    Admitted and under guard at hospital– watch out for a let go or what the brothers calls it a blye..


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