Army officials visit grieving family of slain GDF rank

KILLED: Kevon Payne

By Carl Croker

Loud wailing emerged this morning from Lot 36 Sussex Street, Charlestown, the house where Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Lance Corporal, Kevon Payne lived as close family and friends try to come to grips with the reality of his brutal demise last evening.

Reports are that the 22-year-old Payne was shot dead execution-style  outside his home in Sussex Street around  22:00hrs last night.

KILLED: Kevon Payne
KILLED: Kevon Payne

Top officials of the GDF visited the home about 11:00 hrs today to offer their collective sympathy and assistance to the grieving family. Among the army officials meeting with Payne’s family today were Gary Beaton, Commander of the GDF Coast Guard; welfare officers and the Force Chaplin Reverend Nicholas Corbin.

The grieving mother, Evett Paris, said she lost a daughter in 2008 under similar circumstances and received no justice. She expressed the view that, this time around, justice must be served against the perpetrators of her son’s demise.

Kevon Payne, a father of two, would have celebrated his 23 birthday on June 17.

Several unconfirmed reports are that a police vehicle with a number of police ranks took the alleged shooter off the scene, who is believed to be a police rank.

As funeral and wake arrangements are being put in place, investigations are being done into the matter.

When INews arrived at the scene last night, a huge crowd had already assembled outside of his home and several arguments erupted over the alleged involvement of the police in the execution style murder.

Family members strongly believe that police officers were the ones who shot the young GDF Officer. However, they were unable to detail exactly what transpired.

Other relatives lined the street, hurling insults towards to police officers who were also on the scene trying to gather information from uncooperative residents.

Another group of bystanders related that Payne was arguing with a man on a CG motorcycle when the incident occurred.

Meanwhile, the Guyana Police Force in a statement this afternoon, said: “About 22:20hrs last night Tuesday March 29, 2016, Guyana Defence Force Lance Corporal Kevon Payne, of Sussex Street, Charlestown, and Shakel Williams, 22 years, of James Street, Albouystown, were among a group of men standing on the roadway at Lyng and Sussex Streets, Charlestown, when two men armed with firearms drove up on a motor cycle and discharged rounds in their direction.
 “Kevon Payne was hit about his body and Shakel Williams was hit to his right foot. Kevon Payne was taken to the GPHC where he was pronounced DOA, while Shakel Williams has been admitted to hospital.
 “Ranks of a police mobile patrol that was in the vicinity responded to the sound of gunshots and confronted the two suspects who managed to escape after an exchange of gunfire with the ranks. The Police Office of Professional Responsibility and ranks of the Criminal Investigation Department are conducting investigations into the incident.”

Following are scenes from this morning’s visit by the Army officials who met with Payne’s family.

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