Alleged intoxicated driver posts regretted status on Facebook explaining how friend met his demise

Dead: Chris Baichan


By Leroy Smith

Alleged drunk driver, Chris Bridjmoham
Alleged drunk driver, Chris Bridjmoham

[] – Twenty – one – year – old Christopher Bridjmohan was yesterday placed on $225,000 bail when he appeared at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Alex Moore, charged with the offence of causing death by dangerous driving.

The young man was also placed on $25,000 bail for the offence of driving under the influence of alcohol. The Court heard that he drove motorcar PPP 3838 in a dangerous manner causing the death of his friend, 19 – year – old Christopher Baichan of Oleander Gardens East Coast Demerara, who was a passenger in the said car at the time of the accident.

Shortly after being granted his pre-trial liberty, Bridjmohan took his Facebook page to apologize to the relatives of Baichan, admitting that the two were best friends and that his actions caused the death of the young man.

Bridjmohan denied that they were taking part in any drag race at the time of the accident and that he was merely traveling along the East Coast road to take his friend home when the car came into contact with an uneven section of the road, coupled by the swerving of another vehicle in front of him.

This he said caused him to avoid hitting that vehicle, which resulted in him losing control of the car he was driving.

In his Facebook status, the young man admitted that he and his now dead friend were invited by other friends to witness a driving event.

The 21 – year – old employee of a popular computer store also lashed out at the media for the coverage provided on the accident and accused the media of publishing misleading articles.

Dead: Chris Baichan
Dead: Chris Baichan

What the young man failed to clarify however, was whether he was above the legal limit of alcohol consumption when he was tested by police traffic ranks following the accident.

The full text of Bridjmohan Facebook status is as follows:

My sympathy goes out to Chris’ family & close friends. It all happened so suddenly. Chris and I were headed home to prepare for paintball the following day. He had called me over to his house to play COD and after some time, friends came and asked us to spectate a driving event planned that night. We’re both good sports so we were delighted to go. I drove because he said his car was dirty and it was pointless for both of us to. We decided to leave the event so that we could get a good nights rest for the following day and was heading to his house. Its sad that such a simple and relatively quiet night turned into such horror and so close to his home.

My heart goes out to his families and our friends who must be so devastated at the loss of such a dear human being. Chris was the best, he really was, I couldn’t ask for a warmer friend, and such a good sport. We shared a lot of memories. We shared a bond of friendship unlike any other. I am so sorry that your light had to go out this way.

I keep blaming myself for what happened despite knowing you wouldn’t want me to. I could drop a dumbell on your toe and break it and you would say, “Its alright man, accidents happen”. I only wish you were to say something like that to me now. I need your support in this dark time of my life Chris, why did you have to go? I miss you. I love you. Not a moment has passed since you left me, since you left us, that I haven’t thought about you. You will forever be on my mind bro. The memory of you will never leave me, until my dying day.

You have touched many lives and have immortalized yourself. If only you could hear what people have been saying about you. You would relish the thought and smile. You were loved and will continue to be loved for eternity.

Before I end this post, I want people to know that what happened was a horrible accident where both of us could’ve lost our lives. It just so happened that only one of us did. I only wished if us both made it out unharmed or that it was me who departed. No matter what anyone says, I will always feel responsible for my best friend’s death.

I must lambaste the media for so negligently portraying an image of me as being reckless, drunk and a drag racer. The accident only happened because of that dip in the road, and the RECKLESS driver who swerved infront of me, causing me to turn to the side of the road, colliding with four stumps that sent the car flying. Four accidents have occurred in the same spot taking a number lives, according to police records. Let the media report that, next time they report on this or conduct the necessary due diligence, less they continue to write such misleading reports, mischaracterising people and events. I don’t know how they could write such inaccurate and misleading posts. Its like they write what they feel or the first thing a few random upset people tell them. Its embarrassing.

Chris! No one will ever know how I felt to have lost you right by my side!ee



  1. this is a sad event, both parties involved dead and alive i think are to blame, 1. for their irresponsibilty and 2. for their irresponsibility! after all that have lost their lives from drunk driving it should be resonated in your mind that you should NOT do it. especially when as intoxicated as he was “allegedly” and with all do respect and sympathy that post and to him who is now going to have to live with survivor guilt, mistakes are made, yeah, but that post made it out to seem as though they went to church then were headed home like angels for a good nights rest smh, either way so this is gonna be swept under the rug for 225,000, sigh guyana.

  2. Well I definitely will give him a break personally….because even as I read his post I cant begin to imagine how he feels, knowing that because of his driving his best friend has died and he have to live with that for the rest of his life…..and I would say to him as a mother of a son his age…..Chris, I hope you learn from this and try not to make this or something similar happen again…..think wisely before you act….and listen to big people when they talk to you because we pass this way before….we did some crazy thing too so we know how dangerous it can be….so son, no matter what you do it already happened (If you can just turn back the hand of time….sorry, cant happen). Learn from this and if possible and your friend’s mother will allow you….be a son to her for the rest of her life…forgive yourself, only you and God knows what you are feeling… the Lord Jesus to see you through….and thank Him for another chance…..don’t worry, you are not the only one who made such horrible mistake…..I did some crazy things at your age too but as I am grown now…I thank God that nothing terrible never happened, many times it almost did, it was only God who prevented it… be strong, your friend will want you to be (as you described him)….God bless!

  3. The streets are for drag racing and killing ppl, Well any thing happen in GT, pay off and kill some more , Its so sad when you are a drinker and the very friend you are with dont see it fit to stop you from driving ,

  4. None of us knows what really happened. I do see a remorseful survivor. Let’s give him a break & let the law settle this. We were also young . Who are we to make a conclusion that he is wrong. & YOU ARE RIGHT. They were friends .
    Accidents can & will happen. He now has to live with this all his life. It wont be easy. He could be innocent . Let the law take it’s course.

  5. He is fully within his right to blame himself for what happened. His failure to mention that he was driving under the influence or a bottle of whisky was found in his car speaks volumes! I don’t know this kid but seeing his smirk when he was entering GPHC and leaving the courtroom hints at a narcissistic personality with this post designed to garner sympathy for himself. It doesn’t seem he is as remorseful as he wants others to believe since he is quick to shift the blame to the road then a “RECKLESS” driver then probably the government.
    Jason Ramcharran should also be walking side by side with him down the courtroom steps.
    Even though he claimed there were not drag racing he did mention he was attending a ‘driving event’. This is the second instance whereby an accident occurred following these “events’. Approximately one year ago, a young man who used to sell hot dogs was run over during one of these ‘events’.
    Of course nothing happened.
    I guess action will only be taken when at the next event innocent lives are lost. Stop drinking and driving! Throw the book at the offenders!

  6. Damn give the guy a break,he already has to live life with the thought that he may have cost the lost of his Best friends life,you being a jerk doesn’t change anything it just shows how humans have evolved into such as$holes #sigh

  7. I’m gonna totally disregard your self placating shameless diatribe and point out that you mentioned nothing of your intoxication and the fact that, weren’t you speeding, you could’ve taken more effective evasive action and avoid this needless loss of life.


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