Alexei Ramotar denies being absent from work

Alexei Ramotar
Alexei Ramotar
Alexei Ramotar

[] – Head of the E-Governance Project, Alexei Ramotar is denying that he has not reported for work since the APNU+AFC administration took office close to 38 days ago.

On Wednesday, June 24, Minister of State Joseph Harmon related that Ramotar has not reported for duty, shortly after addressing a post cabinet media briefing.

But Ramotar contacted iNews on Thursday morning to clear his name and at the same time used the opportunity to criticise iNews for not trying harder to contact him.

“I haven’t missed a single day…not a single day,” said Ramotar, adding that his office is located at 110 Duke and Barrack Streets, Kingston.

According to Ramotar, the Project principals have been forwarding reports to the Ministry of Finance, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of the Presidency and the Deputy Head of the Presidential Secretariat.

He indicated to iNews that he is required to report directly “to the Director of Telecoms, Geeta Raghubir.”

He says he is now trying to make contact with the relevant authorities at the Ministry of Presidency to rectify the issue of his alleged absenteeism.

Ramotar, who is the son of Former President, Donald Ramotar, indicated that he was upset since iNews was unable to make contact with him for a response on the article.

“How come I was able to get your cell number in five minutes and you weren’t able to get mine?” he questioned in a hostile manner. It should be noted that iNews did try to contact Ramotar prior to the publication of the initial article.

The project entails the laying of fibre optic cables from Brazil to Guyana and began more than four years ago under the watch of Ramotar and has suffered a slew of major setbacks in the past years.

The project, when completed, is supposed to see the establishment of a robust ICT system that will improve the internet connectivity within Guyana and increase access to international carriers, through the implementation of Guyana’s first 4G network utilizing TDD LTE technology.



  1. Arrogant and disgusting does not beginning to describe that young man, like father like son. I am truly please with how the new government is putting all areas of the country back in order. The people who want a change they got it, now let all Guyanese work together to make Guyana a respectful country. One of my wish is to see some of these thieves/crooks in jails, make some of them an example for feeding off the tax payers.

  2. Being able to reach a person on their mobile,does not mean he/she’s at work. I can receive a call on my cell, say I’m in the Office, but I may be lying comfortably on a beach somewhere. You were reported not being at work, because you were not there. Plain and simple

  3. Reference, Alexei Ramotar denies being absent from work.

    When I wrote in a previous Blog advising the David A. Granger administration to WITHHOLD all salaries from those opposition Parliamentarians, that did not show up in Parliament, to attend to the state’s business, in keeping with their elected mandate.

    I also meant this applies to the governing body Parliamentarians too.

  4. This is how people who feel they are privileged behave like Alexei Ramotar. The news -journalist is responsible for reporting the news to the public. They said in the report that they tried to contact you. However that is not the issue here.

    Do not try to switch the issue. The issue is that you did not show up to work for over 30 days. If you did report to work, then you have nothing to worry about. Not reporting to work for that period of time without notice constitute termination.

    Since you said you are required to report directly to the Director of Telecoms, Geeta Raghubir, she will have to prove that you were at work performing your duties on those days.

    Supervisors in other parts of the world working in several businesses were fired because they covered up for their staff who were absent from their post/job.


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