AG Chambers to examine CJ’s ruling in RAMPS Logistics case to determine further course of actions

Anil Nandlall

See full statement from the Attorney General Chambers: 

We have noted the decision of the Honourable Chief Justice, Madam Roxane George, CCH, SC, in respect of the legal challenge by Ramps Logistics (Guyana) Inc.  We have not yet received a copy of Her Honour’s written ruling in the cause. Upon receipt, the same would be scrupulously examined for the purpose of determining, inter alia, whether there will be further proceedings.

From the inception we indicated that the Local Content Act, No. 18 of 2021 was an initial attempt to create a novel statutory framework in respect of a new undertaking, indeed without compare in the region. As a result, we promised that it will remain under constant review and will be modified and refined with time and experience. We are satisfied that the Act provides a solid foundation which has guided the sector thus far and enabled a protective network for the interest of Guyanese and Guyanese companies operating in the sector.

Importantly, Regulations and Guidelines are already in draft and will now benefit from the Chief Justice’s ruling and experience garnered in the sector. These Regulations and Guidelines will further enhance the legislative framework, as well as set out criteria which will inform the exercise of discretion and guide the decision-making processes enshrined in the legislation. These measures will also address the conduct of operators in the sector, including their compliance levels with related legislative and administrative requirements, as we strive to achieve the legislation’s core intent, that is, to protect and promote Guyana’s best interest.