AFC willing to compromise to ensure completion of AML/CFT report

Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan
Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan

[] – The Alliance For Change (AFC) says it is prepared to work with the Government to set in motion systems that will see Guyana being able to give a satisfactory report to the Caribbean Financial Action task Force (CFATF) by February 28.

According to the AFC, the Report would be able to present a roadmap for the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) before Guyana’s next review in May 2014.

“This would call on the Government to set aside inflexible positions and meaningfully engage the political opposition” the party said, adding that “fixed and unbendable political positions will not serve the best interest of Guyana.”

However, the Government has claimed that pass the AML/CFT Bill before the 28th since Guyana is expected to attach to that report the conclusions on the AML/CFT Amendment Bill.

This report is expected to also include Guyana’s plan of action to correct its deficiencies as part of the ongoing process.

To this end the AFC had said that it is willing to support the AML/CFT Bill providing the Public Procurement Commission is established.

“We understand that the Government has reservations about setting up the Commission and we have indicated our willingness to compromise to reach a mutually agreeable position that best satisfies the needs of the nation,” the party added.

Further, the AFC stated that given the increased attention that has been placed on the establishment of the Procurement Commission, the Government must have given thought to who would be its nominees and urges that these names be submitted immediately so that the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament can begin its work to identify the five most suited candidates from amongst all the nominees submitted by the political parties and civil society The AFC and APNU have already submitted the names of their nominees. “It can be expected that the PAC would act with alacrity in identifying the five nominees so it is reasonable to expect that soon after the names would have been submitted, that the PAC would be sending five names to the Assembly for approval. Simultaneously, the Finance Minister can bring a Supplementary Financial Paper for money to support the work of the Commission” the AFC said adding that it stands ready to give its support for such a provision.

As a compromise and in an effort to move this process forward, the AFC has prepared draft amendments to Section 54 of the Procurement Act. These amendments according to the party further enshrine the rights of all complainants including Cabinet, to object to the award of any contract.

“In the interest of ensuring Guyana benefits from both a working Public Procurement Commission and amended AML-CFT Bill, the AFC extends the offer of compromise. We believe that the Guyanese people deserve no less.”



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