AFC rejects President’s statement


The Alliance for Change (AFC) in a statement today, rejected the statement by President Donald Ramotar, who accused the Opposition of executing “an act of terrorism” by voting down two critical pieces of legislation dealing with the Amaila Falls project.

According to the AFC, it is a dangerous statement and a threat to all law-abiding citizens.

“It is grounded in shallow political rhetoric that is designed to terrorise the national elected Parliamentarian into submission. President Ramotar after all has suggested that the 33 elected opposition MPs are domestic terrorists and we call for condemnation of this,” the AFC stated.

According to the minority Opposition party, at no time are parliamentarians engaged in acts of terrorism in the chambers of the National Assembly.

“We call on President Ramotar to respect and embrace the founding principles of our God given, unalienable fundamental rights to Life, Liberty and most importantly the freedom of expression. Rather than to use his bully pulpit at the Office of the President to trash these core values of the Guyanese people with his wild claim that the opposition defeat of the Amaila issues as an ‘act of terrorism’ against development in Guyana.”

The AFC wants a professional opinion from the IDB before they sign on to any increase in the debt ceiling.



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