‘AFC IS HERE TO STAY’ says Moses Nagamotoo; critics differ


AFC[www.inewsguyana.com] – Alliance for Change (AFC) Member of Parliament Moses Nagamootoo has come out boasting of his party’s successes and ability to ride the wave in order to remain a relevant third political force, refuting opposing assertions.

He said a major success was the defeat of the notion that a “third party” such as the AFC could not survive in the current ‘divisive and polarized’ political arena.

Nagamootoo believes the AFC has not only carved out an indelible niche on the Guyana political landscape, but has become the fastest growing political party as well.

He attributes this success to the party’s ability to maintain a vibrant and robust voice in the National Assembly, mirroring the image of a genuinely authentic multi-ethnic/ multi-class movement with equal appeal in all places and by becoming part of the national consciousness that demands that the scourge of corruption should be wiped out from Guyana.

“These are no small successes which we share with other political and civic forces that have made the fight for accountability a national concern” the AFC MP said, adding that “AFC has finally bought a building to house its headquarters, and the Centre For Change will soon be part of the our profile of being ready for Government. We maintained a cohesive leadership, in spite of the attempts at character assassination and “cuss-down politics” and our National Executive Committee and Management Committee broke new grounds in meeting outside the Capital. AFC, defying shortage of money, is still able to publish our newspaper.”

As it relates to the failures of the party, Nagamootoo admitted that a major failure of the party would be ineffective communication with its members and supporters. This he said is as it relates especially to the interior communities and riverain areas.

“AFC’s messaging problem is due primarily to denial of access to the state media (radio, TV and newspaper), all of which have been converted into propaganda outlets of the ruling party” he noted.

Nagamootoo noted however that it was satisfying to know that the party’s fight against ‘dirty money via crooked deals and contracts’ had gained ground.

His comments come on the heels of statements made by Financial Analyst, Ramon Gaskin who recently contended that the Alliance for Change had performed inadequately in 2013 and that it was doing insufficient research and trade union work.

Gaskin said the AFC is as guilty as its opposition counterpart – APNU – of being lazy and called for all opposition parties to clean up its act and be more effective and aggressive in its fight against corruption.

But Nagamootoo maintains that while the party may have failed in some areas progress has been made in others.

He said there are several issues that will roll over to 2014 among which are: how to get Local Government elections by mid-year along with continued e to tracking of the spending of public funds coupled with up the fight to bring all public funds into the State Treasury.

“The AFC will also continue to fight for a fully-staffed Financial Intelligence Unit to go after dirty money; Integrity Commission to probe the assets and unjust enrichment of the political elite; broad-based state media board to ensure equitable access; and for a Commission of Inquiry to examine the give-away allocation to friends and family of television, radio and other telecommunications frequencies, as well as state lands and concessions.”

Nagamootoo concluded his statement by noting the AFC’s appreciation for the goodwill and even the criticisms it has received. He pledged on behalf of the AFC to uphold high standard of political behaviour.



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