AFC condemns police assault of rice farmers; Ministry says AFC incited protest


[] – The Alliance For Change (AFC) has condemned what it says is the “assault and inhumane treatment” of the party’s Region-2 Councilor, Mr. Naith Ram by members of the Guyana Police Force during yesterday’s protest action by rice farmers in that region. The farmers are protesting the late payment of monies from rice millers.

In a statement issued, the Party noted: “The Guyana Police Force continues to bring shame upon our nation by the manner in which it mistreats and abuses our citizens. Its resort to publicly undressing a senior member of our party is yet another example of a crude and uncivilized approach to policing.”

Ram is claiming that he was stripped naked by the police during the violent protest action in Essequibo on Friday night. However, the Police have debunked such claims; instead the police claimed that Ram stripped himself.

“The AFC supports the protest action by the rice farmers of Essequibo whose right to be paid in a timely manner for their produce cannot be ignored year after year. In this regard the AFC condemns the use of excessive force against peaceful protesters and deployment of soldiers armed to the teeth. This is a clear attempt to prevent farmers from pursuing their democratic and constitutional human rights to association and protest.”

Unpaid/disgruntled Rice farmers burning on the Essequibo Coast.
Unpaid/disgruntled Rice farmers burning on the Essequibo Coast.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs has condemned the AFC for “politically manipulating the plight and grievance of rice farmers on the Essequibo Coast and encouraging a few among the farmers to block the public road on the coast.”

A statement noted, “The Ministry of Home Affairs has advised and warned time and again that peaceful protest cannot mean blocking of public roads thus preventing the right of others to proceed without let or hindrance.”




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