AFC condemns “brutal and barbaric” attack on ‘Team Benchop’ activist


In light of Iqbal Rahim being viciously attacked last evening while he was posting campaign material in Georgetown advertising and calling for the support of “Team Benschop” the Alliance For Change (AFC) has condemned the act and is urging that the matter be reported to the police.

Iqbal Rahim
Iqbal Rahim

According to the AFC, law enforcement officials should be allowed to conduct a probe into this incident and appropriate action should be taken after this investigation has concluded.

In a press release today, the AFC noted that from earlier reports, Rahim appeared to have suffered serious injuries.

“The Alliance For Change unreservedly condemns this brutal and barbaric attack in the midst of the campaign for Local Government Elections. All candidates for Local Government Elections should be permitted to campaign unhindered, free from fear and intimidation in every square inch of Guyana. We have come too far as a country to even flirt with the return to the dark days of election violence,” it stated.




  1. ”According to the AFC, law enforcement officials should be allowed to conduct a probe into this incident…”
    That one sentence alone reveals something very interesting. Implied therein, is the belief that there would be political interference with a full and genuine investigation into that incident. The AFC knows about the political interference into such investigations and yet still it supports the PNC disguised as APNU in and out of parliament..
    It is well known since the days of the Burnham’s PNC and the House of Israel, hooligans associated with both named, were under orders from their political masters, to beat mercilessly and murder political opponents of the PNC.
    This ugliness has now returned with similar pattern.There is no doubt who are the architects behind this violence. The AFC, now neutered, is worse than the toothless bulldog; It can barely bark much less bite

  2. How do yoh know it’s the PPP? Were you there? Stop accusing . That’s the problem facing Guyana everyone is blaming someone instead of getting to the root of the problem.

  3. They are saying the thug is an independent candidate for the LGE.. Is he really or he is just a PNC paid thug? PPP been through these kinds of attacks from day one it started contesting elections against PNC.

  4. stop painting the ppp as victims again because, more people are familiar with what took place during the election night violence you alluded to here and the role the afc played in trying to disperse the unruly mob that gathered with the intention of causing disturbances. it is boneheaded and stupid of you to call in question the afc when a fifth-grader will tell you that the ppp who was in government and in charge of national security failed to provide security for the people whose homes were turned into polling stations and also to citizens who showed up to vote there. the country will never get better because it has too many stupid people like you around.

  5. Forbes you have started with your nonsense not the PPP. Have you come down with yet another heavy dose of amnesia????? Whose supporters were brutally attacked on election night in Guyana. It surely was not AFC nor PNC.

  6. This is horrible. Hope Mr. Rahim recovers fully. The AFC should indeed condem election violence however one has to wonder why didn’t they condem the election violence preprated on PPP supporters during the last National & Regional elections. It’s funny how they remained dormant then but perked up now.

  7. Some people in Guyana are still blinded by their own selfishness and racial hatred that they refuse to see the light of change and human unity. I too join with President to let justice reign for the victim. No one should be attacked for supporting his or her candidate. Time for this nonsense in Guyana to stop!!! I hope the police finds the perpetrator/s and lock them up. This is very wrong, people should be free to vote for whom they want. It is only sad, weak and coward persons who would do such an evil thing!


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