AFC concerned with likely abuse of state resources for election campaigning


A-section-of-the-thousands-rallying-for-the-PPPC-at-the-launch-of-the-party’s-elections-campaign-on-Sunday-at-Albion-Corentyne-Berbice[] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) says while it welcomes the announcement that elections will be held on May 11, it remains concerned that the government would continue to spend public funds without parliamentary approval or scrutiny.

The AFC says there are justifiable fears that the regime would continue to abuse these funds for elections campaign, as well as other state resources including the media and vehicles.

To this end, the Party urged the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to urgently publish guidelines against abuse of state resources.

“The Alliance for Change welcomes the announcement of a date for new General and Regional Elections as a victory of pro-democracy forces in Guyana,” the Party said in a statement.

The AFC believes President Donald Ramotar has finally buckled to criticisms that his prorogation of Parliament in the face of AFC’s No Confidence Motion was reckless and had placed parliamentary democracy in danger.

“The prorogation has attracted wide condemnation in Guyana, and pressures from friendly states, with indications that sanctions could follow,” the statement added.

AFC says it is the most vibrant fighting force in Guyana and remains ever confident of bringing change on May 11.




  1. I believe Lumumba`s statement about the opposition is anti-growth and anti-development is irresponsible and lamentable.He should be aware that the opposition has a democratic right to try to prevent this government from spending taxpayers money willy-nilly,it is not a penguin affair.


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