AFC completes draft ‘No – Confidence’ motion against Gov’t

The Donald Ramotar administration.


By Fareeza Haniff

AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan.
AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan.

[] – Leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan has confirmed that the Party has completed a draft no – confidence motion which it intends to bring against the Donald Ramotar led administration.

During a telephone interview, Ramjattan told iNews that the Party will proceed with the motion if President Ramotar does not prevent his Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh from spending the country’s money “illegally.”

Ramjattan said that he will keep the draft document in his possession until “we are ready for the public to see it.”

He explained that the Party intends to share it with Opposition Leader, David Granger as soon as possible.

Ramjattan also delivered a letter to the Office of the President yesterday (July 17), addressed to President Ramotar expressing “deep concern over the unauthorized and unconstitutional withdrawals made from our nation’s Consolidated Fund by the Minister of Finance. It is my Party’s belief that such withdrawals as reported in Financial Paper #1 of 2014 are in clear contravention of Article 217 of the Constitution of the Republic of Guyana and Section 16 of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act.”

Ramjattan also noted that the Party sees no other alternative than to proceed with “this constitutional mechanism [no – confidence motion] for removal of an unpopular Government that has ceased to enjoy the confidence of the National Assembly and who by its actions has demonstrated an unlawful and contemptuous disregard for the Supreme Law of the Country.”

The Donald Ramotar administration.
The Donald Ramotar administration.

The main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity had noted that it will most likely support the motion. Meanwhile, the Finance Minister is adamant that he spent the money which totals $4.5 billion legally.

He had said there is a process that has to be followed before money is spent and later presented to the National Assembly.

“What you see playing out here, this assault against the Finance Minister is a combination of personal vendettas being pursued on one hand and a politically driven campaign that is driven by distortion on the other.”




  1. We have seen how opportunists back bite against their own during Dr Jagan’s time. History is repeating itself.
    These learned well from the past both side cutlasses. They caused the chaos we experienced during the corrupt and incompetent PNC regime. They are at it again.
    People be careful and do not be fooled by lies and false promises. The food lines are gone. Be sane and do not let it happen again.
    The clowns and the hypocrites needed to be booted to the curb once and for all. Since 2011, they have disrupted all progress.
    Just be ready when they come to your door for your votes.

  2. dis ramjattan bana thinks legal things are illegal and illegal things are legal..po man is so confused coz he cant really see straight with those eyes of his..
    afc is dying out has tremendous baggage with it..afc money donors does not know why their money sink into a black hole with nothing to show for it…according to afc the jagdeo bridge was not to be built and if built was to be cut in 4 pieces and be flung by ramjatan in the berbice river..jagdeo brige still there..the marriott hotel was not supposed to be built near the peg hotel..the marriott is completed and are now in the process of hiring many guyanese..ramjattan cant give account for why the marriott was built because of the peg hotel boss..the specialty hospital and airport expansion were supposed to be dead before it all started but moving ahead at rapid pace..afc ramjatan and nagamoottoo was so ensure none of it built..afc in depp doo doo with its backers now. say it loud say it proud “no confidence” and get buried at the polls afc..your time is had two rounds now and you produce hurt and pain to many guyanese..some that vote for afc will never forget they were beaten robbed injured and was sexually molested on agricola public road by afc own comrade nigel hughes while ramjattan and nagamoottoo remained silent lambs..


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