Acting on false $16M tip-off bandits storm East Coast NDC

The East Coast Demerara NDC office

…rob security guards after finding nothing

By Ramona Luthi

Three armed bandits bound and robbed three security guards attached to a Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) office on the East of Demerara, after breaking into the entity in the wee hours of this morning.

One of the robbed security guards Seeraj Beemsingh (Andrew Weekes photo)

According to one of the security guards, Seeraj Beemsingh, at approximately 12:45hrs this morning, he noticed a white 212 on the road in front of the Mon Repos- La Reconnaisance NDC while he was conducting his routine checks.

“What happen, is the car left, so while I was doing my routine checks and so forth, everything seem to be okay and I came back to my location and about ten minutes after, I heard the dog was barking. I see the dog look at the southern direction, and I just came out back to make a second check and I confront two of the bandits,” Beemsingh recalled.

He told Inews that one man held a gun in his hand, and instructed him [Beemsingh] not to scream. The second bandit reportedly held a crowbar in his hands, while the third emerged from behind a tractor. The second and third bandit, according to Beemsingh had kerchiefs over their faces, but the one with the gun, did not.

The security guard remembered that his attackers were of East Indian descent, as well as their heights and sizes.

“ [The one with the gun] lil fair and he weighs about 135lbs and he was about 5,4”, and the next two of them, they was 5,7”, 5,8” and thin,” he said.

The cloth reportedly used to bind the security guards (Andrew Weekes photo)

Beemsingh further related that the perpetrators tied his legs and hands, and then inquired as to how many other guards were on duty. He stated that the men then informed him that they came for “some money inside the office.”

“Don’t screal, they cuss up and thing and so, they bond my hands at the back and tie my feet and said don’t screal, don’t say a word, put your face down at the bottom,” the security guard recalled while noting that the bandit with the gun stayed with him, while the other two scanned the premises and brought two other security guards to be tied up as well.

The man relayed to this online publication that shortly after, he was able to hear what sounded like them breaking into the NDC.

However, the bandits reportedly came back to the three security guards empty handed and they were overheard saying “the girl wired them and tell them that they have $16M and they ain’t get nothing from there. No money at all.”

In what appeared to be an effort to leave with something of value, while they were escaping, on of the three bandits picked up a brush cutter which was on the premises. Before leaving the also robbed the security guards of $1,500 in cash, two cellular phones, and a bag of medication. They then fled in the same white 212 that they came with.

Investigations underway at the East Coast Demerara NDC office (Andrew Weekes photo)

The police were contacted and they responded promptly. Investigations are ongoing.



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