Abusive husband kills wife of several years, reportedly takes life after


An attempt to flee from an abusive husband turned deadly on Monday afternoon for a 29-year-old mother of three in Berbice.

The dead woman has been identified as Subrina Lakhan of Chesney, Housing Scheme Corentyne Berbice.

Based on information received, the woman’s attacker, who is said to be her husband and father of her three children- Ramesh Ramdeen- has also committed suicide.

INews was told that the woman left her husband several days ago after suffering years of abuse at his hands.

She reportedly went to the Albion Magistrate’s court where she took out an protection order  against Ramdeen and said that she would remove her belongings from the house.

On Monday she returned to the house with two police officers, in an attempt to retrieve her clothes and belongings from the home she once shared with Ramdeen, a 42-year-old labourer.

She however, reportedly told the officers present that she was no longer moving out and that that they could leave.

At around 13:35h neighbours reported hearing shouting coming from the home and what sounded like Subrina telling Ramdeen that “she loves him and she is not going to leave him”, followed by silence.

Suspecting the worst a neighbour reportedly called the Albion Police Station. When the police arrived, they found Subrina lying face down in a southern bedroom at the upper flat of the house in a pool of blood with her throat slit.

Ramdeen reportedly dealt her several chops about her body before slashing her neck.

Moreover, this publication understands that Ramdeen was seen lying on his back at the lower flat of the said house in a pool of blood with his throat slit also.

It is suspected that he used the said cutlass to injure himself as the house was locked when the neighbour made the report.

Police are currently investigating the matter.



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