9-yr-old killed during outing at Number 63 beach

Dead: Daniel Mootoosammy
A young boy lost his life after an alleged freak accident at the Number 63 Beach in Berbice, during an Emancipation Day outing yesterday.
Dead is nine-year-old Daniel Mootoosammy, a grade four student of Yakasary Primary and of Lot 1 South Yakasary, Black Bush Polder, Berbice.
Dead: Daniel Mootoosammy
Dead: Daniel Mootoosammy

Reports are that the child, two of his brothers and an uncle went to the beach and were in the water when tragedy struck.

The child’s father, Veren Mootosammy said that his son was having fun in the water when the incident occurred.
The grieving father said it was the third time he had allowed the boy to go to the beach with his uncle.
Police are continuing their investigations.
The dead child’s sister, Varshti Mootoosammy said her brother was hit by a Jet Ski.
According to her, Daniel was pronounced dead on arrival at the Skeldon Hospital where he was taken following the accident. Meanwhile, Police have since arrested an excavator operator of Crabwood Creek, Skeldon, Berbice, who was using the Jet Ski at the time the child was struck.

Little Daniel leaves to mourn his parents, three brothers and three sisters. Police are continuing their investigations.




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