$756M requested for works on the Camp Street, Lusignan Prisons


In an effort to improve the prison services following the unrest which led to the escape of several dangerous criminals, Government on Thursday requested $756M in supplementary funding for works at the Camp Street Penitentiary and the Lusignan Prisons.

A shot of the new holding areas of Lusignan Prison

The request comes on the heels of a recent fire that destroyed most of the Camp Street correctional facility and has resulted in more overcrowding at the various penitentiaries, particularly Lusignan.

Through Parliament, Government is requesting money to construct temporary holding facilities at the Lusignan Prison compound to the tune of $69 million, and also needs $46 million to assist with the cleanup of the site at the Camp Street Prisons.

Twenty-one million dollars are also being sought for the refurbishing of the Camp Street dormitory, and $144 million for the construction of the administrative building; $62 million for security; $40 million for a new kitchen; $28 million for a medical centre, and $75 million to construct a solitary block.

Additionally, the Government, through the Public Security Ministry, is also seeking $62 million for general works on external areas of both prisons; $18 million for a fire suppression system; $10 million for plumbing; $8.5 million for electrical works, and $19 million for contingency.

The Camp Street Prison was reduced to rubble earlier this month following a fire and major unrest. The capital section was completely burnt in the early part of that fateful afternoon. Hundreds of prisoners were evacuated from the facility and taken to the Lusignan prison and other facilities. A prison officer was also killed in the line of duty.



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