715 youths awarded by PYARG

Zimeena Rasheed receives her PYARG Gold Award from Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony.
Zimeena Rasheed receives her PYARG Gold Award from Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony.

[www.inewsguyana.com]The President’s Youth Award: Republic of Guyana (PYARG) held its 15th award presentation at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) where 715 youths were awarded: 547 in the bronze category, 148 silver and 30 gold.

The Most Outstanding Participant award in the gold category was given to Teekaram Singh and Zimeena Rasheed from the Anna Regina Secondary School, Region 2. Special awards were also given to Micah Henry, Region 1; Yougraj Rajhunauth, Region 2; Deuel Lewis, BV PIC in Region 4; Mark Cameron and Shane Persaud, Georgetown; and Symyon Sears from Smythfield, Region 6.

The female bronze most outstanding participants include Athalia Wells, Mabaruma, Region 1; Annalisa Alfred, Region 2; Lucius Hector, Parika Salem, Region 3; Natalie James, Georgetown; Nickesha Benjamin, Fort Wellington, Region 5; and Lydia Cameron, Silvertown, Region 10.

Region 6 copped the Outstanding Region Award while Patentia captured the Outstanding Unit Award.

Special recognition was given to those volunteers who served for over five years. These include Alicia Roache, Geru Gordon, Courdel Glasgow and Adel Lilly. Meanwhile, Lester Rosine and Herald Alves were recognised for serving over 10 years to the PYARG.

This year’s graduation was even more special because the PYARG is also celebrating its 15th anniversary, and this  batch of graduates is also the largest, highlighted the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony.

The Minister expressed his satisfaction with the fact that two of the gold awardees are also CSEC top performers in Guyana and one in the Caribbean. He stressed that this is a good example of the brain power the PYARG has. He also encouraged them to become roving ambassadors for the organisation. He emphasised that the organisation has been at the forefront of teaching youths about Guyana.

The Minister explained that through the programme the participants have been able to see many parts of Guyana including the Pakaraima Mountain range, Kaieteur Falls and the hinterland regions; while many adults have not been able to see these marvels. He added that the expeditions the youths go on give them a better appreciation of Guyana.

Minister Anthony stressed that throughout the 15 years of the programme over 17,000 youths have benefited from training that helps them to develop a better understanding of Guyana, and simultaneously help them to become better citizens.

While much has been achieved in the last 15 years, Minister Anthony projected that in the next five years more youths should be recruited by the PYARG, more units  and  regional offices established, and a permanent field camp can also be set up.

With regards to the latter, the Minister explained that space for the camp site is available at the Ministry’s property in Kuru Kuru.



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