70-year-old woman hangs self – was suffering from severe depression after husband’s death

A 70-year-old woman, Nowattie Doodnauth,  was found hanging in her Edinburgh Village, East Bank Berbice (EBB) home yesterday morning.
 Reports are that the discovery was made by the woman’s son-in-law when he went to check on her.
DEAD: Nowattie Doodnauth
DEAD: Nowattie Doodnauth

The woman was reportedly found hanging over her bed which is located under a step in the two-storey house.  It is believed that the mother of six wrapped part of her bed sheet around her neck before tying the other end to the step.

According to the dead woman’s relatives, she was found in a standing position with her feet firmly on the bed.
Reports are that the elderly woman had attempted to take her own life twice in the past.
A relative, Barbara Seecharran said that on one of those occasions, Doodnauth tried to drown herself but failed.
“Well, she know to swim so every time she go under the water, she coming back up,” Seecharan said.
Reports are that Doodnauth suffered a nervous breakdown after her husband passed away. She has been receiving treatment for severe depression over the past two years.


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