64-Y-O man dies in mining pit accident

Dead: Danny Gouveia

A mining pit accident that occurred on Monday at the Micobie Backdam in Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) has resulted in the death of a gold miner.

Dead is 64-year-old Donald Gouveia, also known as “Danny” of Subryanville, Georgetown.

At around 12:00h on the day in question, Gouveia and three workers were working the mining pit which is made up of sandy soil and is about 70ft deep.

While they were working, the western pit wall collapsed and, in the process, completely covered Gouveia while the three other workers were partly covered.

The three workers managed to free themselves without any injury. When Gouveia was eventually taken out of the pit, he was unconscious and injuries were observed to his face. The man was rushed to the Micobie Health Centre and was transferred to the Mahdia District Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police said the portion of the pit wall that caved in had covered about 15ft of the pit’s depth.

Investigations are ongoing.