63-Y-O miner arrested over suspected cocaine


A 63-year-old miner was this morning arrested after being caught with suspected cocaine in his possession.

The illegal substance measured some 164.5 grams.

The Guyana Police Force said ranks in Region One (Barima Waini), acting on information received, went to a location at Skull Mountain Arakaka North West District where they came into contact with a male in an open verandah on the premises of a businesswoman.

The ranks, after confronting the d individual, questioned him after which a search was carried out on his person and surrounding.

The cops found one black bag wrapped in a transparent plastic containing a quantity of cream substance suspected to be cocaine in a haversack belonging to the suspect.

The suspect, a miner of Kingelly Village, West Coast Berbice, was arrested and escorted to the Arakaka Police Outpost and is currently assisting with investigation.