59-Y-O suddenly collapses and dies at Richmond Backdam

Toolsie Balgobin
Toolsie Balgobin

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 59-year-old Toolsie Balgobin who suddenly collapsed and died whilst at the Richmond Backdam, Essequibo Coast.

The incident occurred at around 18:30hrs on Sunday in the presence of the man’s son, Rockcliffe.

The father and son were at the backdam when the elderly Balgobin mounted a motorcycle. As he was putting on the helmet, the man suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground.

Attempts to revive him proved futile.

Police said the body was later taken to the Anna Regina Police Station where it was examined for marks of violence but none were seen.

The body was then taken to the Suddie Hospital where the man was pronounced dead on arrival.

A postmortem examination will be conducted as police continue to investigate.