5 persons take up shelter at Graham’s Hall School


The Civil Defence Commission has announced that as of today, there is a total of five shelterees being housed at the temporary emergency shelter established at the Graham’s Hall Primary School, Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Three males and two females have taken up occupancy as more squatters are finally making the move to be housed.

The Prime Minister Brigadier (retired) Mark Phillips during his assessment of the squatting area on Saturday, October 17, 2020, offered to provide temporary shelter to those squatters who have been displaced.

At the facility, strict COVID-19 guidelines and protocols are enforced and meals, hygiene products, sleeping, bathing and other facilities are provided.

The CDC encourages displaced Success squatters to contact the National Emergency Management System (NEMS) on 226-1114, 623-1700 and 600-7500 and make their way to the Graham’s Hall Primary School, Cummings Lodge, ECD, where they will be housed.