5 in custody for Corentyne rice farmer’s murder


Days after forty-year-old Parmanand Lakeram, a rice farmer, was riddled with bullets at his Corentyne, Berbice farm, the police have confirmed that five persons were arrested and are assisting with the probe.

This was according to Regional Commander of Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) Calvin Brutus, who also confirmed that the deceased’s stolen motorcycle was retrieved at a ranch house at Number 64 Village. Two of the men were arrested on Saturday while the other two were arrested on Sunday.

The motorcycle was believed to have been the same one used in the shooting. “The motorcycle was recovered and it is usually parked with its key in,” Brutus added.

The incident reportedly took place on Thursday evening on the man’s farm at Number 68 Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

Dead, Parmanand Lakeram

Family members told Inews that the now dead man left home to go into the backdam to check on his tractor which was pumping water into his rice field while the police claim that he was in the backdam to collect stolen cows.

According to reports, Lakeram and two men were in his vehicle travelling into the backdam when they saw a light approaching. As such, the farmer stopped his vehicle and disembarked to make inquiries but instead, he was shot in the process.

Police stated that the now dead man instructed his two friends to hide as he approached the oncoming motorbike.

After the incident, the friends told Police that they heard Lakeram screaming to them, ‘’run boy run Chunic just shoot me.’’

At that point, the men left their hiding places and went in different directions but as they ran for their lives, they heard other gunshots.

The two men quickly informed the relatives of the dead man of what transpired and without hesitation, they went to the scene in the company of the dead man’s brother. There they saw Lakeram sitting in a pool of blood next to his vehicle.

From all indications, the body bore about eight gunshot wounds to the hand, two to his head and two to his abdomen. Both of the man’s friends had their hands tested for gunshot residue but none was found.

However, “Chunic” reportedly turned himself in at the Springlands Police Station after he learnt that he was wanted by the police.