5 arraigned for murder of Berbice phone card distributor

Accused: Satesh Budram

Five men were earlier today arraigned for the murder of Dianan Jagdeo who was gunned down during a robbery at Adventure, Corentyne Berbice.

Relatives of Jagdeo, including his wife Sandra, stood outside the courtroom to get a glimpse of the five men charged with the murder of the phone card distributor.

Accused (L) Mark Dordram (R) Abdul Azimuth

The five accused are Mark Dordram, 22, a businessman of Nigg Village; Abdul Azimuth, 34, a cattle farmer of lot 183 Hampshire; Abdul Zaheer, 28, a cane harvester of Adelphi Village East Canje;   Shannon Batson, 24, who claims to be a life stock farmer of Hampshire/Topu and Satesh Budram, 19, a painter of 70 ‘C’ Hampshire Corentyne.

Accused: (L) Abdul Zaheer (R) Shannon Batson

They were not required to plea to the charge which stated that on February 8 at Adventure, Cerentyne Berbice, they murdered Danian Jagdeo.

Three of the four were represented by Attorneys Rohan Jagmohan,  Kim Kyte-John and Meecaline Bacchus.

Accused: Satesh Budram in black jersey

The five accused told Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at the Whims court that they were beaten by the police and as such, received injuries about their bodies.

Dordram claimed that he was beaten at the Whim Police Station and was also taken to GuySuCo Road at Albion where he was again beaten.

Azimuth told the court that he was also beaten by the police at the Albion and Whim Police Stations.

Zaheer said the police picked him up and took him to Tain Dam where he was beaten.  As a result of the beating he reportedly sustained a fractured left rib and was not taken to be medical examined when he made the request.

Batson; unrepresented claimed that he was picked up and taken to the Rose Hall Police Out Post where he received a beating causing him to receive injuries to the face and also suffered a fractured ribs.

The men were arrested several hours after the shooting to death of the businessman.

Danian Jagdeo and his wife in happier times

Jagdeo reportedly stopped at a friend’s business at Adventure when an armed man walked into the establishment and shot him dead. After committing the act, the suspect collected the man’s bag and escaped in a waiting motorcar.

The motorcar, an unlicensed gun and several matching rounds of ammunition were also recovered by the police.

The five men were arrested, interrogated and subsequently charged.




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