420 years cumulative jail sentence for Bartica massacre suspect Celbert ‘Chi-Chi’ Reece

Celbert 'Chi-Chi' Reece was sentenced yesterday to 460 years in prison
* but will spend only 35 years in jail 
The boat captain, who transported the gunmen for the Bartica massacre, was on Friday jailed for 420 years by Justice Roxanne George at the Demerara High Court.
Celbert ‘Chi-Chi’ Reece pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter two weeks ago. He was charged along with four others for executing an attack where 12 persons, including three Policemen were brutally murdered in Bartica, Region Seven, in February 2008.
Celbert 'Chi-Chi' Reece was sentenced yesterday to 460 years in prison
Celbert ‘Chi-Chi’ Reece was sentenced yesterday to 420 years in prison


After the probation report was presented to the judge on Friday the judge began the sentence with 65 years on each count but deducted 10 years for the guilty plea, another 12 years for mitigating factors and eight years for the time he spent incarcerated awaiting trial.
This brought the sentence down to 35 years on each charge. However, the sentences will run concurrent.
The trial into the Bartica Massacre with three other accused continues in the Demerara High Court before Justice George.


  1. Only 35 years for murdering 12 innocent people including three Police Officers.Now this murderer will be out at 65 yrs old to kill again. This sentence should be appealed. Life without parole. These Judges should be Jailed themselves. How can they sleep. Shame on Roxanne George. No Title before your name.


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