$31.4M water ambulance yet to service Baracara


The community of Baracara, East Canje, is yet to benefit from a $31.4 million water ambulance, which was commissioned in August.

Reports are that the vessel cannot function due to a defective engine control module or computer box which was delivered during purchasing.

The water ambulance was commissioned by Public Health Minister, Volda Lawrence and regional officials have dubbed the project as a “disaster” since it is seen as “another white elephant”.

During a Regional Democratic Council statutory meeting in October, Regional Health Director Jevaughn Stephens confirmed that the water ambulance is indeed faulty since an engine control module is needed for the engine.

Questions were raised as to why millions of taxpayers’ money was spent on a faulty project or if it was a corrupted transaction.

Baracara is located some 45 miles up the Canje Creek from the township of New Amsterdam, a location where timely medical services are crucial.