$3.4M worth of ganja destroyed; illegal guns seized


A marijuana field located at Gatetroy Village, Berbice River has been destroyed by ranks of the Guyana Police Force who were on a drug eradication exercise.

A party of policemen, on Wednesday, first ventured to DeVeldt Village, Berbice River where they observed a man running away from a house.

“As the ranks approached the building an identifiable male bolted from the house and made good his escape into some nearby bushes, ranks chased after him but their effort proved futile,” the GPF said in a statement.

A search was conducted on the premises and ranks unearthed several firearms and ammunition which were concealed under the floorboards.

They found one double barrel 12 gauge shot gun #SESPRR, one 20 gauge shot gun #200109495, one .32 shot gun #98015SB, two OPS air guns, along with nine 12 gauge, one 20 gauge and five .32 cartridges.

The items were taken to Central Police Station where they were lodged.

Additionally, ranks proceeded to Gatetroy Village, where a partly harvested marijuana field along with a camp were found, with roughly 300 plants measuring about four to six feet in height.

The plants, which had an estimated value of $3,400,000, were destroyed by fire.