2AM shut down of bars, nightclubs is for citizens’ safety – Ramjattan

Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.
Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.
Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – In his first public statement since his decision to enforce an archaic law to close down bars and nightclubs at 2:00hrs, Vice President and Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan has explained the reason behind it.

A statement issued on Wednesday, July 29, Ramjattan said he took into account the negative effects of alcohol consumption on crime and violence, including domestic violence; traffic accidents; the productive capacities of the population, especially the young along with other attendant circumstances, including the adverse effects of the proliferation of noise nuisance, a decision was taken to enforce the law.

According to Ramjattan, “it is in the best interest of the country to enforce the existing laws which have mandated that these entertainment facilities must close at 2:00 am. This move by the Ministry has gained wide support by women’s groups and the Private Sector Commission, among other organizations. It should also be noted that such legal restrictions are not uncommon in other countries.”

But Ramjattan’s decision was met with much resistance from the entertainment industry, which pointed out the negative impact it has on business.

The 2:00am closing time is provided for in the Music and Dancing Licenses (Amendment) Act Chapter 23:03, Act #12 of 1982, which states at section 9 that:

“A place, so kept or used, although so licensed as aforesaid, shall not be opened for any of the purposes afore said except on the days and between the hours stated on the licence:

Provided that the holder of a first class hotel licence may keep open the licensed premises for the purpose of dancing, singing, music or other public entertainment once in every week until the hour of two of the clock in the morning except on any Sunday.”

“Place” as used in Section 9 means “house, room, garden, or other place” and will cover bars, clubs and restaurants -also inclusive of open spaces used for dances and entertainment purposes.”

The Public Security Minister noted that this law is being enforced in the interest of citizens’ security and safety with the aim of suppressing criminal and other offences which typically occur after 2:00am.



  1. Very good question.I was wondering about that. The majority of people party after 12 midnight..Suppose they will make a special provision for that night.

  2. VP Ramjattan, when you are having these instructional discourse and press conferences on type of matter, it would best be served if you have with you the Presidential Advisor on Security so it brings acceptability and team work into the picture…

  3. For too long, this country has been surrendered to the corrupt, the lawless and the violent. It is time that this new administration take the necessary steps to extricate its populace from the morass in which it has found itself. I would suggest that since our security forces seem to be compromised and not up to the task of keeping us secure, that we bring in foreign troops for a limited period to rid our country of the twin scourges of crime and corruption . Then we can start to deal with other issues such as the environment, education and even the way we speak. Let us return to the glorious days when we were seen as the intellectual capital of the Caribbean and the envy of the developing world at such international fora as the U.N rather than griping about “how people brukking up we sport”. What a sorry lot!

  4. TO: Vice President and Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan.

    Loud Music In Residential Neighborhoods:

    Bars and Night Clubs that play loud music, have dancing accommodation, or loud entertainment activities, ought to be placed in specific zones, identified for these businesses.

    Having them in residential areas or neighborhoods will create a noise problem.

    And that is understandable for those who need to sleep after midnight, un-disturbed by loud music, and loud talking.

    Private Home Parties:

    Does this law/s apply to private home parties, weddings, or religious celebrations too?

  5. Now you and Nagga cant go to station street bar to drink so late,but instead of coming up with a plan to curb the crime spree you bothering the people who want to sport.

  6. “in the interest of citizens’ security and safety with the aim of suppressing criminal and other offences which typically occur after 2:00am.”
    Crime will still continue, both before and after 2am. Your logic behind this is laughable Mr Minister.

  7. Mr Ramjatan please don’t quote what other countries do because Guyana is at the bottom of the list compare to other countries.

  8. Who says this law is archaic? Dumbo, bars in Canada have been closing at 2am for years and Canada is more progressive and productive than Guyana.

  9. Good move Mr. Ramjattan 2 am shut down of nightclub and bars is good young people need to think for their future development.


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